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Best Task Organizer App Is ToDoist – Here’s Why

Looking for the best task organizer app? Remember the time when you used to use sticky notes or note pads with several tasks written on them that you had to complete before a certain period? Yeah, they used to be all over the place if you were a hard worker. Such practices are still pretty prevalent, but now the online applications and advanced websites have replaced the hard copies of the sticky notes.

You’d be shown a long list of the task organizer apps if you check on Google. But how would you know which one is the best task organizer app? We are going to tell you about the features a task organizer app should have and which app you should be choosing to be much more efficient.

Your sticky notes in the past and the to-do list applications are all about creating a way to manage and complete your tasks more efficiently. Writing them on a piece of paper earlier was simple, but now it is all about choosing the best task management and to-do lists applications.

More than 10 million software out there can help you create and manage your tasks and to-do lists very efficiently. So choosing the best task organizer app is probably a dilemma.

What Features Should the Best Task Organizer App Have?

What Features Should the Best Task Organizer App Have?

How would you know which app is useful and which is not? Everyone may have a different requirement of what they want in such an application. Let’s see which features an ideal task organizer app should have and how you could efficiently benefit from them.

1.     Effortless & Time Saving

The top task organizer apps should have the options to add the tasks quickly. It should not take more time. Moreover, the categorization should be efficient and quick as well. Everything in an efficient task organizing software is done within seconds in very few keystrokes. Online apps like Todoist does it very efficiently.

2.     Tasks Organizer Options In-App

A good task manager app should provide you with a lot of options and ways to organize your tasks. Those options could include lists, tags, tasks sorted by due dates, etc. It is effective to have all the tasks well-organized as it makes them easier to keep track of, you can mark your favorites, allow notifications of comments or completed tasks, and set exciting themes.

3.     Regular Reminders

The top applications would always remind you about when a certain task needs to be done. It may be through emails, push notifications, in-app alarms or widgets, etc. They should make it obvious and easy as to when exactly something needs to be done on time.

Todoist lets you prioritize your most important tasks and with the pro plan, enables you to set reminders about your sensitive tasks with ease.

4.     Easy Interface and Synchronization

The best task organizer apps have a very easy-to-understand interface. There are fewer to no difficulties in using the app and understanding its functions. Additionally, such apps should be able to synchronize their data on multiple platforms. First thing is that they should be available and functional on different and common platforms. Any app that is not able to even sync its data between your computer or workstation and your phone should not even be considered in the race of the best apps.

5.     Templates and Blueprints

The best task organizer apps must have a huge number of templates for their user to choose from. You should have the liberty to choose the template of your choice or the one that fits the types of your tasks the best.

Todoist provides you with just that. It has a huge library of project templates that you can use to get going as soon as you join.

6.     Free Trial Versions

Although every good app is paid, there should be non-paid versions of the top task organizer software as well so that their users could experience them firsthand and see if they can manage their tasks efficiently or not. Any app that does not let its users get an experience without paying may turn out to be a hoax. So watch out.

7.     Task Organizer Apps With Third-Party Integrations

Task Organizer Apps With Third-Party Integrations.

Nowadays, it is common that all the popular apps can integrate a variety of other third-party apps for better working. The more an app gives you the number of application integrations, the better it would be. So always go for those top task organizer apps that can help you get everything in one place with the help of third-party integrations.

Want to know who does it the best? Todoist. It is very flexible and integrates with Zapier. This helps you create the tasks in Todoist automatically through your favorite apps.

Need any examples? You can add any Slack messages in Todoist as tasks, synchronize Google calendar events, and even set up the emails you receive in Gmail as tasks in Todoist.

Easy, right?

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The Best Task Organizer App Online – Todoist

Well, to save you the time and hassle of trying to find the best task organizer online out there that could work for you, we have found just the right fit for you. It is Todoist, the most powerful yet the simplest task organizer app you could ever imagine.

What more you could require than an app that balances power, the simplicity of its features, and runs on all the major platforms.

Just because of its handy features and ability to synchronize the data on different platforms, Todoist has a user base of more than 9 million. No way that millions of people would trust an app that does not work to ease up their lives, right?

Adding the tasks on every platform is very quick on every platform. You can add new tasks in your inbox, move them to any of your relevant projects that those tasks are a part of, and set due dates and times for your tasks.

With so much going around in the world, this handy app lets you keep track of all your tasks in one place. When you know that everything is sorted, you tend to enjoy more peace of mind than anything else. Todoist helps you do exactly that.

Your Perfect Daily Task Organizer App

Using too many devices on daily basis? Not finding other task organizer online apps attractive or useful? Well, that’s never the problem with Todoist. It works on every platform, it has an Android version, it works on iOS, it runs smoother than ever on the web, and has browser extensions of every kind.

To make it sweeter, integrate it with your email clients like Outlook, or Gmail. You can even sync and integrate it with Dropbox, Google Maps, Slack, and many other third-party applications.


Get to see your to-do tasks at the exact time you want them done. Ensure that you have time for everything else during the day without worrying about your hectic schedule. Your mental space needs to free up. And Todoist will help you make your day easier and more efficient.

Small steps that you take efficiently are the cornerstone of your bigger achievement. To visualize your productivity, become a better manager and organizer of your tasks, and regain your calmness along the way. Achieve peace of mind like never before. Choose Todoist and you will never regret this decision.

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