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Podcast Networks: Are They Worth Trying?

Podcasting networks have been created to help podcasters network with other shows and gain exposure on a bigger stage.

If you’re a podcaster, you know that it can be tough to get your show noticed. Luckily, there are a number of different podcasting networks that can help promote and distribute. 

Every day, a new podcast network seems to pop up, but is it worth your time to pay attention to them? In this blog post, we’ll look at what networks are out there and whether or not they’re worth your attention. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how to choose the right network for your show. So, if you’re intrigued by this subject, keep reading!

What is a Podcast Network?

The first question you might be asking is, “what is a podcast network?” or “what does a podcast network do?” A podcast network is a group of shows that are usually related in some way. For example, the Network might center around a certain topic or genre. Joining a network can help increase your visibility and reach a larger audience.

You can simply define podcast networks as a group of two or more independently produced Podcasts that have joined forces to cooperate in some way. This might be something as simple as sharing promotion and marketing resources or working together to book guests. For the most part, they don’t produce any Podcasts themselves but instead, focus on connecting existing shows with new listeners.

Podcast Networks can be incredibly helpful for both new and experienced podcasters. A Podcast Network can provide valuable resources, connections, and advice if you’re just starting out. A Podcast Network can help you reach a wider audience and grow your listener base for more established shows.

How Do Podcast Networks Work?

Now you might be thinking, how does a podcast network work? They usually operate in one of two ways:

  • They act as an aggregator, collecting Podcasts from various independent producers and making them available in one place. This is similar to how Podcast Hosting platforms like Podbean or Libsyn work.
  • They produce their own Podcasts and offer collective memberships to other shows. The Podcast Network might offer its members production assistance, marketing resources, or other benefits in this model.

When you join a Podcast Network, you’ll typically sign a contract outlining your membership’s terms. This will include things like how often you’ll need to release new episodes, what type of content is acceptable, and whether or not there are any exclusivity agreements.

They also have an advertising model in place and will work with you to promote your Podcast to their existing audience. In exchange for this, they’ll usually take a portion of the ad revenue that your Podcast generates.

Podcasting networks work on a Cost Per Mille, or CPM, advertising model. This means that the networks will charge you a certain amount of money for every 1,000 impressions your Podcast generates. The average Podcast Network charges around $25 CPM, but this varies depending on the size and reach of the network.

Why have podcast networks become so popular?

Podcast networks have become so popular because they allow smaller shows to be discovered by larger audiences. This is important because it allows new voices to be heard and gives rising stars a place to grow their audience.

It also allows shows that are already successful to continue to reach out to new listeners through syndication on the network. This helps them expand their reach and grow their audience even further.

How To Select A Podcast Network?

It’s important to remember that not all Podcast Networks are created equal. Before you join, research and ensure that the network is a good fit for you and your Podcast. There are a number of different networks out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. It’s important to consider the benefits of joining a network and what each one has to offer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Podcast Network Size

You’ll first want to consider the size of the network. Some networks are small and only have a few shows, while others are much larger. If you’re looking for a lot of exposure, you’ll want to choose a network that has a large audience.

Quality of Shows

Take a look at the shows that are included in the network and make sure they’re high quality. You don’t want to be associated with low-quality shows, as it will reflect poorly on your own show.

Variety of Topics

Another thing to consider is the variety of topics covered by the network. You don’t want to be part of a network that only focuses on one topic, as you’ll be limited in terms of what you can talk about. Instead, look for a network that covers a variety of topics so you can explore new ideas.

Marketing Support

One of the biggest benefits of joining a podcast network is the marketing support they offer. Many networks have resources like social media kits and branding guidelines that can help you market your show effectively.

Distribution Deals

In addition to marketing support, many networks also offer distribution deals. This means that they can help get your show featured on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other platforms. This can be a great way to reach new listeners and grow your audience.

CPM Rates

When choosing a podcast network, you’ll want to consider their CPM (cost per mille) rates. This is the amount that they charge for every 1,000 downloads of your show. Make sure to compare rates between different networks to see who offers the best deal.

Membership Cost

You’ll need to consider the cost of membership. Some networks charge a monthly fee, while others take a percentage of your ad revenue. Make sure to compare the costs of different networks before making a decision.

Network’s Policies

Finally, you’ll want to look at the network’s policies around exclusivity and content. Some networks require that you only distribute your show through their platform, while others are more flexible. Be sure to read over each agreement’s terms before joining a network.

Joining a podcast network can be a great way to get more exposure for your show and connect with other podcasters. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a network that’s a good fit for you. By considering the factors above, you can be sure to find the right network for your podcast.

What Are The Drawbacks of A Podcast Network?

Let’s start with the drawback first and yes, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider before joining a podcast network. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Exclusivity: One downside of many podcast networks is that they require exclusivity. This means that you can only distribute your show through their platform. If you’re not careful, this can limit your growth and reach.

Content Restrictions: They often have content restrictions in place. This means that you may not be able to talk about certain topics or use certain language on your show. Be sure to read over the terms and conditions of each network before joining.

Membership Fees: Some networks require their members to pay a monthly fee. This can be a problem for some podcasters, especially if the network doesn’t provide enough value. Be sure to consider the cost of membership before joining a network.

Revenue Sharing:  They often take a percentage of their members’ ad revenue. This can be a problem for some podcasters, especially if the network doesn’t provide enough value. Be sure to consider the revenue-sharing model of each network before joining.

Lack of Support: Some networks don’t offer much in the way of support or resources. You may want to look elsewhere if you need help growing your show.

What Are The Benefits of Joining A Podcast Network?

There are plenty of benefits that come with joining a podcast network. Here are a few of the most important ones:

More Exposure

One of the biggest benefits of joining a podcast network is the exposure it can provide. They have a large reach and can help you connect with new listeners.

Increased Credibility

When you join a podcast network, you become part of a group of like-minded individuals. This can help increase your credibility and make people more likely to listen to your show.

Improved Marketing Support

Networks often offer marketing resources and support to their members. This can include social media kits, branding guidelines, and other helpful materials.

Distribution Deals

Many podcast networks have distribution deals with iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other platforms. This can help you reach a wider audience and grow your show.

Access to Resources

Podcast networks often have a wealth of resources that their members can access. This includes things like templates, graphics, and audio files. These resources can be extremely helpful when starting or growing your podcast.

Increased ad revenue

One of the main benefits of joining a podcast network is the increase in ad revenue. They often have higher CPM rates than individual shows so that you can earn more money for your ads.

Finding sponsors is not a problem.

Podcast networks often have established relationships with sponsors. This means that finding sponsors for your show is often much easier when you’re part of a network.

Help With Production

They often have a staff or members who can help with production. This includes things like editing, recording, and mixing. A network can be a great resource if you need help with your podcast.

If you’re looking to take your podcast to the next level, joining a network is a great option. By taking advantage of the benefits listed above, you can improve your show and reach new listeners.

As you can see, joining a podcast network has both advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

Podcast networks can help promote and distribute your show, giving you access to their audience and resources. Joining a network is not the only way to get your podcast out there, but it can be a helpful tool in growing your show. What matters most is producing a quality show that people want to listen to. If you can do that, you’re on your way to success in the world of podcasting

There are a number of popular podcast networks that you can join. Here are a few of the most popular options:

iHeartRadio: iHeartRadio is one of the largest networks in the world. They offer access to a wide range of resources and support. They also have an exclusive partnership with iTunes, which gives their members a boost in reach and exposure.

Wondery: Wondery was founded in 2016 by Hernan Lopez. Within three years, Wondery became a top five podcast publisher with 40 million downloads. In 2019, it received four iHeartRadio Podcast Award nominations for the publisher’s shows, with one win: Dr. Death for Most Bingeable Podcast

Gimlet: Gimlet was founded in 2014 by Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber.  Spotify acquired the company in 2019. Gimlet is known for its high-quality journalism and narrative storytelling. 

Radiotopia: Radiotopia was founded in 2014 by Roman Mars. The network is home to some of the most popular shows on iTunes, including 99% Invisible, Criminal, Love + Radio, and The Memory Palace. In 2014, Radiotopia raised over $600,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to produce more great shows and support independent podcasting.

These are some podcast networks to join if you are looking to get your podcast heard by a larger audience. The list includes podcast networks for small podcasts as well as the best  Podcast networks for more popular shows.


If you’re looking for a way to grow your podcast audience and get more downloads, joining a network could be the answer. By partnering with a network, you’ll have access to resources like marketing support, promotion, and distribution that can help take your show to the next level.

You can find both small podcast networks and established networks that are looking for new shows to add to their portfolio. 

Just make sure to do your research before joining a network. Some networks require exclusivity, so you’ll want to be sure that it’s the right fit for you and your show.

But if you’re looking for a way to reach a wider audience and get more support for your podcast, a podcast network could be a great option.

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