Podcast Directories: Find Potential Listeners Fast

Podcast Directories: Find Potential Listeners Fast

Podcast directories are the doorway to reaching a wider audience. Popular ones include Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, but there are many other podcast distribution channels that cater to specific needs, such as video podcasts. By posting your podcast on multiple directories, you increase the chances of your target audience discovering and following your content.

Are you wondering which podcast RSS directory is the best to grow your podcast audience? This article will guide you through the process. We’ll define what podcast distribution channels are and how they function. Then, we’ll provide a list of the best podcast directories where you should add your podcast and 10+ more places to find podcasts and submit yours.

What Are Podcast RSS Directories?

A podcast RSS directory is a platform where listeners can discover, subscribe to, and listen to podcasts, bridging the gap between creators and listeners. These directories, such as Apple Podcast and Google Podcasts, are the places to find podcasts and list your show once you make a podcast.

Simplecast Creator Connect (previously known as Pandora), a leading directory, launched a cataloging system or podcast genome project that made it easier for listeners to get personalized podcast recommendations. Similarly, there are many directories that make it easier for listeners to discover new podcasts and for creators to upload a podcast without much hassle.

For podcasters, submitting their show’s RSS feed to various directories is the final step in the podcast creation and distribution process. This allows new episodes to automatically appear on the directories available as they are uploaded to the hosting platform, making them easily accessible for subscribed listeners.

How and Where to Distribute Podcasts?

Starting a podcast is a great way to share ideas, opinions, and expertise and can also serve as a commercial vehicle for earning through ads or product promotion. With over 383 million podcast listeners online as of 2022, it can also be a great way to reach a global audience with your podcast in front.

However, it’s important to note that publishing a podcast episode is different from posting on social media or YouTube, and specific steps are involved. In order to get started, it’s essential to know the process of how to list your podcast online. To submit your podcast to directories, you need to provide the RSS feed link.

The process of finding the RSS feed link varies depending on the hosting platform of your podcast. Check with your podcast host for the unique RSS feed URL, and have it ready before submitting it to directories. Once you submit the RSS feed link to a directory, it will automatically update with each new episode of your show.

Top Podcast Directories to Help You Get More Followers and Listeners

Although there are many places to find podcasts, there are a few key directories that you should submit your podcast to in order to reach most listeners.

Remember hosting platforms and directories are different – hosting platforms store your podcast information and audio, while there’s a long list of podcast directories that allow listeners to find and get your podcast.

While it may be tempting to submit your podcast to many directories, we recommend starting with this comprehensive list of podcast directories and expanding as necessary for maximum exposure and potential listeners for your new podcast.


Spotify is a popular music streaming service. Spotify has a podcast section, a podcast directory, and an app that you can use to listen to your podcast on your mobile device. Spotify also has a podcast search engine, widely regarded as the best podcast search engine, that you can use to find and listen to new shows, and to find your podcast too. To use it, simply open the app, or open the Spotify website on your browser, and use the ‘Search’ function to find a whole list of tracks against your search.

Getting your podcast to Spotify is even easier. Click on ‘Get Started’, paste a link to the RSS feed, and submit it after reviewing the details.

Spotify for Podcasters updates its podcast data on a daily basis. If you add new podcasts or episodes to the platform, you can expect to see the updated data reflected in the statistics the following day. Not only that, but the platform also provides an easy way to upload your podcast and gain access to valuable insights to help boost your audience’s growth.

Additionally, Spotify Ad Studio allows you to create and manage audio ad campaigns in a matter of minutes, with different budget options available. Simply submit a script, pick a background track, and Spotify will produce the ad with a professionally recorded voiceover.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is the most popular podcast directory, and it’s owned by Apple. This means you’ll have access to a large audience of listeners interested in your type of content. It also means that if you are an iOS user, you can easily download episodes directly from iTunes 12 (or higher), saving you time and effort.

iTunes is a free download, and once you have the app installed, it’s easy to use. To create an account and begin uploading your podcast episodes on iTunes, follow a few simple steps.

By joining the Apple Podcasters Program, you can set prices on your programs and offer them as annual or monthly plans. By sending your podcast to Apple Podcasts, you can also make your channel more interesting by integrating features like ad-free listening, subscriber-only shows, early access, and more.


Stitcher has been bridging the gap between creators and listeners since 2007. You can reach thousands of listeners by joining Stitcher as a creator.

Joining Stitcher as a Podcast creator is relatively simple and straightforward. You need to have at least one episode in your RSS feed. If you have access to the RSS feed of your show, you can get listed on their database for free.

Stitcher’s unique selling point is its emphasis on fostering a community of podcast enthusiasts. Once you become a Stitcher podcast creator, you get access to valuable audience insights in the partner portal. You can check how many times your episodes were downloaded, the audience trends, and much more in real time by using their Podcast Partner Portal. You can also collaborate with the Podswag team to create custom t-shirts and hats for your podcast-addict audience.

If you are already a part of Stitcher’s Partner Portal, you can also boost your revenue by releasing ad-free podcasts, introducing monthly Podswag giveaways, and much more for Stitcher Premium users.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts aggregates podcast content by crawling the web, catering to the needs of Android users who prefer to use these devices for their media consumption needs and who look for an alternative to Apple podcasts. Google Play users can easily get the podcast app on android.

If you want to expand your understanding of your audience and attract new listeners, you should explore and utilize Google Podcasts Manager. By using the Podcasts Manager, you can explore the listening habits of your audience by delving into the statistics of each episode. Moreover, you can track when listeners are most engaged and when they lose interest and gain insight into how your audience is accessing your content through various devices such as smart speakers, smartphones, and desktops.

Additionally, discover how your podcast is being found on Google Search. The directory is a powerful podcast search engine, if not the best, for discovering and listening to podcasts on various Google platforms such as the Google Podcasts app for mobile devices, Google Home devices, and the Google Podcasts website. Take control of your podcast’s presence by claiming it and making it accessible to millions of listeners through Google Search.

Access to Google Podcasts Manager is open and free for anyone who has a Google account. No sign-up or additional steps are required to use the manager. All you need is to prove ownership of a show on Google Podcasts.

TuneIn Radio

With the widespread use of smart devices that feature Alexa, a significant number of individuals have access to podcast content. One popular platform for accessing this content is TuneIn, which is preinstalled on all devices that support Alexa. This means that any person utilizing an Alexa-enabled device can easily access your content through TuneIn. This directory is owned by the same company as Stitcher, so it’s not surprising that they have similar features and functionality.

Listing your podcast on TuneIn is easy as you just have to navigate to the Podcasters page with your free account, submit your podcast details and wait for their approval. Remember that your podcast must have a unique title and you need to have at least one episode.

Once your podcast is approved, you can also embed the TuneIn podcast player to your website or blog so your followers can easily listen to your audio without exiting your website. Incorporating a TuneIn player on other websites beyond TuneIn.com can attract external listeners to your TuneIn content.  This strategy can not only introduce your podcast to many podcast listeners who are not currently using TuneIn, but it can also boost the visibility and popularity of your content within TuneIn through increased listening.


Podchaser, dubbed as the “IMDb of podcasts”, is a crowdsourced podcast directory with more than 500,000 active monthly users. It’s more of a social media for both creators and listeners and you can actually interact with your followers and listeners once your podcast is listed on the directory.

Getting your podcast listed on Podchaser should be a no-brainer. You can also speed up the process by adding the RSS feed to Podchaser yourself. The directory offers ratings, reviews, and lists to creators and audiences.

One easy way to determine a podcast’s audience is by utilizing Podchaser Pro. This paid service, an upgrade from the free version of Podchaser, offers detailed reach data for every podcast on the platform, allowing you to efficiently evaluate and compare shows before making any contact.

To access this information, simply search for the desired podcast in Podchaser’s vast database, visit the show’s page, and select the “insights” tab. Additionally, Podchaser Pro offers a variety of tools for professionals in Public Relations and Advertising, including demographic information on listeners, a measure of a podcast’s influence, and social media analytics.


CastBox is a podcast app that allows you to discover, listen to, and share podcasts. CastBox has over 15 million users and over 50 million episodes. Castbox is an excellent option for podcasters who want to network with fellow podcasters.

Each year, the CastBox community named ‘Podcast Movement’ hosts a gathering of active and wannabe podcasters, industry leaders, and professionals from around the globe. In addition, subscribers receive a monthly newsletter filled with updates on the podcasting community.

For those serious about podcasting, subscribing to Podnews and Hot Pod is also recommended for daily updates and insights on the podcast industry. Furthermore, joining the CastBox Telegram Group, Facebook Group, and Reddit Community would help you connect with fellow podcasters.

These are the most popular directories and places where you can bring your podcast to get it out in front of more people. However, if you are aiming at maximum exposure, you should diversify your target directories.

Submit to Additional Podcast directories for Even More Exposure

In case you didn’t know, there are more than just a few ways to distribute your podcast. After you have submitted your show to the major directories, it is a good idea to expand your reach by submitting your RSS feed to smaller directories as well.

The process for publishing your podcast with a directory is relatively straightforward. You just need to visit the site and follow the instructions for submitting your podcast to their directory. Some sites may require you to create an account first, while others may have specific guidelines for the types of shows they allow.

Therefore, it is important to carefully read and follow the instructions for each directory before submitting your show. By submitting your show to a variety of directories, you can increase the visibility of your show and reach a wider audience. Here is a comprehensive list of directories you should consider aside from the best ones listed above:

How to Get Maximum visibility as a Podcaster?

To truly make your podcast a success, you need to go beyond just submitting your RSS feed to directories and hoping for podcast directories to list yours. Instead, think outside of the box and explore different ways to reach and engage with your podcast-addict audience for maximum visibility.

YouTube, being one of the largest platforms for audio content on the internet, is an ideal location to make your podcast content available. However, it is important to note that distributing your podcast via YouTube is not the same as creating a YouTube channel.

YouTube does not serve as a podcast host, so if your goal is to have your episodes listed on major podcast directories available, it is necessary to first establish your podcast in the traditional manner. Once that is done, you can then utilize YouTube as a tool for building your audience by uploading each new episode to the platform.

How to Find the Best Podcast RSS Directory?

When it comes to finding the best free podcast app, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some popular options include Apple Podcasts, which has one of the largest libraries and is great for iOS users who want to use Siri to navigate their listening experience. However, you should always diversify your efforts. To upload your podcast to as many directories as possible, follow these steps:

  • Create a list of the top podcast directories you want to submit your show to. This can include major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts as well as other popular podcast directories like Acast and Deezer where your podcast isn’t listed yet. It’s important to list your podcast on directories that are popular in your region too.
  • Research the submission process for each directory. Some directories, like Apple Podcasts, recommends using third-party hosting providers (alternatively, you can join the Apple Podcasters Program), while there are other directories that allow you to submit your show directly through their website.
  • Create a professional-looking podcast cover art and show notes that you can use for each submission. This will help your show stand out, no matter if you just make one podcast or series of podcasts, and make a good first impression on people who are keen on podcast listening.
  • Submit your show to as many directories as possible. This will take some time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run. Be sure to follow up with each directory to ensure your show has been listed correctly.
  • Once your show is listed on multiple directories, promote it on your website, social media pages, and other platforms. This will help increase the visibility and listenership of your podcast and support your existing followers who want your podcast to easily find your latest releases.

By submitting your show to as many podcast directories as possible, you increase the chances of it being discovered by new listeners and growing your audience. Remember, visibility is key, so don’t be afraid to put in the work to get your show in front of as many people as possible. Happy podcasting!

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