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Personal Brand, build it but here’s why

Who are you? The question may seem strange, but it is an important one and the one related to the personal brand. If anyone asks you the same question, your answer will be saying your name, amongst other things. But who are you actually? You are a brand

It may seem strange referring to yourself as a brand, but you are. Most people confuse branding and what it means. They think that branding is just for companies and products, and that is where they make a mistake.

Branding is not just a process and figures, but a feeling. Companies can spend millions of dollars on branding. But if it is not reflected in their products and services, then it is nothing but money wasted. You need to understand how important branding is, as this could make or break the whole company.

Let’s cover the basics first.

Branding and marketing go together. Branding is used in marketing but marketing is seldom included in branding. When you are thinking of branding, you are not thinking of profits. Yes, profits are important, but in branding, you are thinking of making a customer stay.

If your customer has a great experience. They will spread this news on their own. They will tell others, and you will receive a word of mouth advertisement. 

A lot of businesses upfront do not invest that much into the branding process, because it takes so much time. And branding is something which shows benefits long term. If you want to see the benefits of branding today, then you are mistaken.

In the beginning, I asked you all who are you? And gave you the answer that you are all a brand itself. If the companies are branded, then a person can be too. The only difference is the name and it’s called personal branding. 

What is personal branding?

What is personal branding?

A personal brand is not much different from a business brand. The only key difference is that instead of making it about your company, you are making it about yourself. And building a personal brand has so many benefits both personally and professionally. It can open so many doors for you and your company in the future. 

If you were to google your own name what would come up? If it’s “nothing” then you have spent a lot less time working on your personal brand than you should. 

Now, if you were to google “Bill Gates” you will notice that Google SERP is filled with news about him. You will find interviews of him, articles on him, his social media, and anything you can find on it. 

Why should you build a personal brand?

Many entrepreneurs may think why should they build a personal brand? They are already spending so much money on branding and marketing for their company. And now to add the expenses of a personal brand? For them, it is a waste of money and time. But hear me out for a second. 

Most people are more interested in following other people than a brand. If you are the face of the business, then people will look at you first and then trust your company or products later. Your personal brand is what separates you from the competitors, what makes you stand out. 

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How to make a compelling personal brand-

How to make a compelling personal brand

Keep the following points in mind and start building your own personal brand.

  1. Build a foundation

The first step is to build a foundation on which you can build and grow. Many think that making a personal brand is like building a persona. And that is the most common mistake you can make. A persona is like a facade, and not a true definition of who you are. 

The key principle is authenticity. And personal branding should not be about who you are not. It should be the true version of what you stand for. Try building your brand on assets like-

  • Skills
  • Interests and passions
  • Beliefs and core values
  1. Choose your target audience

Do not try to appeal to everyone. If you ask a new company who their target audience is? The most common answer you will get is everyone. But that is a mistake you do not wish to make. Because if you are trying to build a personal brand, you need to choose whom you want to focus on. And then build a personal brand around them.

Create a client profile, containing their desires and demands. Once you understand your clients, you will know what products and services they want. And how they want it. 

  1. Optimize your social media presence

Having a strong social media presence is important. Be active on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Even have your own website if you can. When a person visits any of these handles they should at once understand who you are, and how you can help them.

  1. Have a content strategy

Instead of only telling people how you can help them, actually, show them the content that can help them. This will build trust and makes you a bit of an expert in the industry. Make a list of the topics that people are searching for, and you can use various tools to help you search for the topics. 

Once you know the content, the next step is to find what type of content to publish and where to publish it. Different types of content are-

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Slide shows
  • Case studies

And the platforms where you can posts these are-

  • Your own website
  • Podcast directories
  • Youtube
  • Social media
  • Quora
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