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Everything about organizational charts

You have started your own company. You have the funds, hired the employees and have your own office space. But now what? The very next step should be is to have an organizational chart! This might be only a piece of paper, that lies in the drawer. But the organizational charts are very much the building block of your business. Many companies might not make them, but it is not a very wise thing to do.

Organizational charts are very well the business essential, one needs for their business. Some might even consider them a waste of time, but in the long run, they are quite useful.

What are organizational charts?

Organizational charts are diagrams that convey a company’s internal structure. It is not necessary that an organizational chart should only exist in the business world. They are useful in governments, as well. 

Now you might be thinking, why should we make these? What purpose do they have? Well, they have quite a few. You might use them for-

Everything about organizational charts
  • Improving communications among different employees, and departments.
  • Showing work responsibilities and relationships.
  • Creating a visual employee directory.
  • Planning purposes.

In the organizational chart, the employee’s roles and responsibilities are in a box. And sometimes extra information like contact number, a photo is there too. You can make an organizational chart in different formats too as per your own liking.

If you are starting your company and are not that big of an organization. Making an organizational chart should be easy. You have like 5-6 employees; you know their designation. Put it in a tabular format, and you are done!

But as your companies grow, the chart becomes complex. Now you have various departments, and the number of employees is increasing. So you add those departments in the chart, with every new addition of an employee. Each unit will have information like the number of employees working in it, their roles, etc.

When your company is big and the movement of employees to the company and from the company is too much (I am talking about hiring of the employees and the employees leaving the company) then it is better to use software like:

  • Lucid Chart
  • ChartHop
  • Pingboard

This will make the process super easy and if you want to go fancy you can use the products like The org to use your org charts as a marketing medium.

Organizational charts, also known as org charts can be beneficial in other ways as well. You can see the productivity of the whole team; you can see how many numbers of hours they spent on the meetings. And what is done in those meetings? Hence, in this way, org charts help in management too.

Another purpose of the org chart is to help you gain more team members. If someone wants to work in your company, they can have a look at the chart and see what there will be their role. They can understand the hierarchy of the system, and get familiar with it. With the help of these charts, they can see who is going to be their boss, and who is going to be their colleagues.

So, in conclusion, organizational charts are not to be down in pen and paper only. But with the right use, they can prevent a lot of confusion too. If you do not have one for your company, what are you waiting for? Get started already!

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