Moosend has 7 Incredible Reasons to Boost Your Sales

In today’s saturated markets where similar marketing products and vendors are in abundance, it’s difficult to choose which one is just the right fit for you. But some products like Moosend don’t add to the confusion like these.

When a new business setup decides to explore the ventures of email marketing, they have almost no knowledge about the email marketing tools they ought to use. Initially, such a business is focusing on expansion with the help of strong and valuable email marketing features that can help give a handsome ROI.

So there are many options for a new business to choose from when it comes to email management and marketing. There are hundreds of products in the market that assure the businesses of catering to their every need. But, every marketing plan is different and every product does not accommodate all of the business strategies and goals that a business has set for its email marketing.

Of course, there are a few big fish in the pond of marketing already. You know about them. But, are those big fish providing every feature a business requires to expand? Do they go the extra mile to help their customers?

No, of course, they don’t.

What is Moosend?

Well, it seems like we’ve found the exact match. A marketing tool that people need to kickstart & grow their business by leaps and bounds. A service of the highest level, no exaggerations here.

ENTER Moosend! An email marketing platform that takes control of your email automation and allows you to enjoy your orange juice while basking under the sun, without worrying about your marketing issues.

Just so you know, Moosend is much more than just an email-sending tool. With its attractive and user-friendly interface and world-class features, it enables the management and monitoring of email marketing campaigns on a very efficient and client-controlled level.

Along with email automation, you would get subscription forms, campaign reports, optimized and attractive landing pages, and much more.

Wanna expand your business? Make it profitable? Then why not start using Moosend today?

Does Moosend have any Notable Customers?

Since its inception, Moosend has developed from a pretty small business to a huge tech giant that makes email marketing for its client a piece of cake. Such authority and progress are only due to the relentless drive to provide more for less to their clients.

The list of their notable customers includes:

  • Domino’s
  • Gucci
  • TEDx
  • Isobar
  • Dixons
  • WWF

Wow, some huge brands they are.

These companies have a brand value that they have to take care of. Such organizations would never choose anything less than the VERY BEST in business for their business promotions, that’s a no-brainer.

Hence there is no question about the relevance, authenticity, and effectiveness of Moosend in the world of email marketing.


Why Choose Moosend?

Moosend includes free plans with remarkable features. Its efficiency, affordability, user experience, effectiveness, and accuracy have landed it a commendable spot in The 10 Best Email Marketing Software. This list is based on lots of surveys, user experience, and data.

Moosend has an average software score of 9.0/10. It provides an excellent value for money and is about 30% cheaper and way better than its competitors

Stand Out Features of Moosend – Boost Your Sales

Sending emails to the contacts is not the only thing you can do with Moosend. Here’s exactly how you can use Moosend to achieve in your business what others like you can’t.

1.     Campaign Scheduling and Tracking The Performances

The users can schedule their campaigns for specific times to cater to their needs. Moosend also provides real-time performance tracking through which users can see the email marketing metrics like bounces and clicks.

2.     Using A/B Testing Feature

The market automation feature of A/B testing can help you find the exact design and content that you want to use for your email marketing. You will get an effectiveness report after sending it to the testing email address. Optimize your designs or content after going through the testing results.

3.     Friendly User Interface

Unlike many other email marketing software, the user interface (UI) of Moosend is way easier, simpler, and user-friendly to use. Separate tabs for reporting, automation, and campaigns help keep everything organized.

4.     Setting Up Campaigns Is Easier

It is very easy to set up the automation processes on Moosend. The same is the case with campaigns. Users can set them up very quickly without having any prior knowledge of email marketing or such workflows.

5.     Software Integrations

Moosend provides all the necessary integration for your campaigns. From Zapier to MailChimp. Moosend also has a WordPress plugin that features customizable subscription forms. Moosend is also integrated with other software like Salesforce, Bouncer, Socital, Report Garden, etc.

6.     Landing Page Editor And Subscription Forms

Moosend also has tons of customizable templates for subscription forms. They can also be easily integrated into any website using HTML code.

One of the best features that Moosend provides is the landing page editor. Numerous templates can be used for business purposes. The designs can also be customized.

7.     Pricing Is Very Nominal

There is a free plan with impactful features for companies and businesses that want less than 1000 subscribers. For businesses that want more than 1000 subscribers, the pricing plans are very flexible and nominal without any hidden costs.

As has been mentioned earlier, it is about 30% cheaper and provides better features than its competitors

Along with that, it offers brilliant customer support services in case you need them, over several channels like email, live chat, or phone.

What Are The Drawbacks of Moosend

As with every software, Moosend also has a few drawbacks.

  • Moosend doesn’t offer built-in SMS messaging feature.
  • Moosend is not available as a mobile app.


Moosend is a platform that helps small businesses execute their email marketing plans. The interface is simple to understand. The new users can blend in and feel comfortable quickly and easily.

Being decent and affordable has made Moosend a top brand in the field of marketing. However, it could also become more useful for other companies if it integrates more software and plugins than what it currently has.

All in all, it offers the best features you could get at such a price. Your business marketing would surely be in good hands if you opt for Moosend.

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