How to get Pinterest Followers

How to get Pinterest Followers, like, right away

Social media platforms have a crucial role to play in extending customers’ reach and increasing sales. But if you thought social media marketing is an easy task, think again! One of the top social media platforms today is Pinterest. Almost every business has a Pinterest account to promote its products and services, but their struggles are real! The struggle is how to get Pinterest followers.

Pinterest in recent times has taken over social media in terms of visual posts, and it’s not surprising when you think about 76% of people are visual learners. Pinning images online is a huge trend that has stuck with us for some time now, but Pinterest is still growing massively is in demand with its unique style of showcasing content.

Pinterest is a great social media tool for driving traffic to your website, whether it’s an e-commerce site or blog. Since Pinterest is different from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in many ways, many business owners are confused about how to use it effectively.

Why it is a must to get Pinterest followers

Why it is a must to get Pinterest followers
You must understand this deeply.

Before learning how to get Pinterest followers, one needs to understand what Pinterest is and what makes it so important. In 2013, Pinterest was launched. It is an online pinboard where users can upload images and videos. Pinterest is described as an online bulletin board where you can pin anything you like. Once you pin something, it becomes part of the board. The boards are organized by categories. 

If you think of Pinterest as a scrapbook with pictures, it is easy to see why so many people have missed it. It is more. Pinterest is a social network. And as such, it connects to the things you do in real life. The social network aspect of Pinterest is what makes it so powerful. It is a way of keeping in touch with people you like and things you like.

Pinterest is not a social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Instagram. It is more than one of those, but it connects them all. The things Pinterest connects to, you will find, are everywhere. They are the things around you, the things you produce, the things you like. This is the magic of Pinterest:

  • Pinterest connects you to other things.
  • Pinterest connects you to things other people like.
  • Pinterest connects you to things you have changed your mind about.
  • Pinterest connects you to things you have forgotten about
This may be your inspiration

Pinterest is more social, so actually connect with people

Why the sudden rush across the world to learn how to get Pinterest followers and grow your Pinterest account. Pinterest is taking over from the web as the place where people gather to share ideas. But Pinterest’s powerful, flexible social features are something we haven’t seen with apps before. A site like Pinterest can bring people together in meaningful groups, making it easy for people to connect and collaborate.

Pinterest is genuinely social, not some gimmick. People go to Pinterest for the same reasons they visit Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter: they want to meet new people, share pictures, and discover new interests. But unlike those other sites, Pinterest’s users aren’t just looking at stuff. They’re actively creating things and talking about them.

What makes Pinterest so social? First, every picture and link is tagged with a pinboard, and everyone can follow the pins of other people. Once you follow someone, you can immediately see some of their pins, and they can see yours, too.

But that’s only the beginning of Pinterest’s social features. Pinterest lets you create “secret” pinboards, so only group members can see them, or “group” pinboards, so everyone can see their pins. If you create a pinboard or pin something on someone else’s pinboard, you can invite people to follow it, and they can immediately see not only your pins but everyone else’s as well.

You can see what’s happening on pinboards right on the site, or you can download a bookmarklet that shows you pins as they are created. Pinterest lets you follow people by their boards, their pins, or their likes, and you can follow people by boards or pins that they’ve shared with you, or by links they share. 

What makes Pinterest special and must and why it is necessary to know how to get Pinterest followers is because:

  • Pinterest is social. It’s not Facebook, and it doesn’t have as wide an audience. But it’s social in a much more effective way.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages you to find things you like. You find things you like by looking for things other people like.
  • Pinterest is social because it gives you tools that encourage people to interact. For example, if you pin something, you can add a comment. And if someone else comments on the thing you pinned, you can respond. That simple back and forth is social.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages you to find other people. For example, you can use a tool called “repinning” to find other people who pinned something you like. And you can use another tool called “following” to find other people who pin things you like.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages collaboration. For example, Pinterest enables you to pin things to boards, and other people can add things to your boards.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages you to share your ideas. For example, you can share your boards, and you can invite other people to follow your boards.
  • Pinterest is social because you can use it to discover new things. For example, one of my colleagues and I were talking about Pinterest, and she found a great recipe. She shared it with me, and I shared it with other people. And now we are all having it for dinner.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages you to learn. For example, you can search for different things, and you can learn things about other people.
  • Pinterest is social because it encourages discovery. For example, if you search, “things related to physics,” you not only get a list of things related to physics, you also get a list of other things that people have found related to physics.

Choose your Pinterest topics carefully

Choose your Pinterest topics carefully
It is a very important step.

So, once you’ve decided why Pinterest is important and you wish to learn how to get Pinterest followers. The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose the topics on Pinterest. It is easy enough to find interesting Pinterest topics, just look for things that interest you. Picking a topic is a bit like choosing a spouse.

You can’t just choose someone who looks interesting. You have to know enough about them to know whether you will like them and, more importantly, whether you will want to spend time together.

Picking a topic for Pinterest is more complicated than choosing a spouse. Pinterest is a virtual space, so you have to know something about your virtual self. And liking yourself isn’t the same as liking other people.

So here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a topic for Pinterest:

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you like?
  • What is interesting to you?
  • What is important?
  • What do you know?
  • What might you find out?
  • What might people be interested to learn about?
  • What might they learn from you?
  • What might you learn from people?
  • What might you learn from reading?
  • What might you learn from writing?
  • What might you learn from doing?
  • What might you learn from watching?
  • What might you learn from listening?
  • What might you learn from talking to others?

Some people enjoy Pinterest, but for others, it is a constant source of frustration. It might be because, as with Facebook, the privacy settings are confusing. It might be because, like Tumblr, it is full of links to others’ work, and this makes it difficult to create your own material. Or it might be because, like Reddit, it is full of political content, and this makes it a poor choice for students.

Once you’ve decided to get serious about Pinterest and learn how to get Pinterest followers. The following tips are very important while using it:

  • Think very carefully about whether you want to use it. Pinterest is a visual medium; if that is not your thing, then it is probably not for you.
  • Narrow your topic. There is no point in spending time on topics that nobody is interested in.
  • Don’t use Pinterest for classwork. It’s tempting, but it doesn’t work. There are enough distractions online already.
  • Post often. If you do find topics that are interesting, try posting something new at least once a week.
  • Block out time for Pinterest each day. It takes a while to set up an account, and then it takes time to browse around and pin things. So block off an hour or two each week when Pinterest is not a distraction.
  • Follow the important and interesting people. One advantage of Pinterest is that it lets you follow other people. You can follow people you find interesting, or you can follow people whose work you admire, or you can follow people whose work you disagree with, or you can follow people whose work you hope to influence. (These last two are separate issues.)
  • Try to follow interesting people whose work you disagree with. This will help you from falling into an echo chamber and open you to the possibilities of gaining more and more followers from diverse groups of people. And isn’t the purpose of this to learn how to get Pinterest followers.

Pin your best content at the beginning to get Pinterest followers

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and when an image catches your visitor’s eye, they are more likely to be engaged. Pin your best content, images, and infographics at the top of your page so visitors see your best stuff first.

Pinning at the top is more effective for search, too. Pinterest searches are based on the image’s file name and content, so your content needs to be unique. When pinning images, use descriptive file names such as “How to…” or “10 Best…”.

“How to” and “Top” are keywords Pinterest uses to find pins. These keywords work best in your captions, image alt text, and description. You can also target these keywords in your Pin descriptions; even if you’re not using exact keywords, using related keywords helps attract Pinterest users.

The best content on Pinterest is pinned first. If lots of women pin pictures of bathing suits, then bathing suits become hot on Pinterest. So Pinterest is in part a popularity contest, and pinning as early as possible helps a lot.

You can also game the system by making interesting content. Then people will follow you of their own accord. So pinning early and making your pins interesting are two ways to ensure popular pinned content. But pinning early and making your pins interesting is hard to do.

It’s much easier to get people to follow you than it is to get them to pin your stuff. If you pin something before you’ve built up an audience, it doesn’t ensure you’ll get followers. If you pin interesting things that attract followers, those followers may not pin that content back.

So it is a tight rope that you will have to walk in order to learn how to get Pinterest followers and maintain a balance in order to attain maximum growth.

How to use Pinterest’s algorithm to get Pinterest followers

Pinterest has become one of the world’s fastest-growing sites for ideas, and marketers are rushing to use it to reach consumers. But beware: The metrics Pinterest gives you for traffic – and for overall success – aren’t always reliable. Pinterest also doesn’t offer much information to help you decide whether a post is too hot or too cold.

So how can you tell if your Pinterest posts are getting much attention? And how do you decide whether to pin something again?

  • First, look at your number of followers: Pinterest assigns you a number based on how many people follow you – and if you pin more, or better-targeted, posts, your followers will grow.
  • Second, look at the “pin it” button: A post with lots of pins from other people also gets more traction.
  • Third, look at the comments on your boards: If lots of people are pinning them, your posts may be getting attention.
  • Fourth, look at the traffic you’re driving to your blog or website. If lots of people are clicking through, your posts are “hot” and should continue to be pinned.
  • Fifth, watch your analytics: If more Pinterest users are landing on your site or blog, your posts are “cool” and should probably not be pinned again.
  • Sixth, think about the content: If it’s useful or funny, or timely, it will be pinned. If it’s not, it’s probably not.
  • Finally, if your posts aren’t getting traffic or attention, it’s time to pause and rethink your strategy. Pinterest is run like a democracy: You win if lots of people like your content. But if your posts aren’t getting many likes, it’s probably no use pinning them again.


Pinterest like any other social media works on followers, and in order to learn how to get Pinterest followers. You will need to learn a bit about how the algorithm of Pinterest works. And based on that, decide what is your forte, and what topics you would want to Pin on Pinterest. Only after you’ve decided that you can make use of the social aspect of Pinterest to grow followers in a regular, consistent, and organic manner.

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