How They Got Into Podcasting

How They Got Into Podcasting

To help you best fulfill your dream of getting into podcasting, we asked successful podcasters this question for their best stories. There are several inspiring stories that should encourage anyone desiring to get into podcasting to boldly forge ahead and get it started.

Here are six testimonials these podcasters shared about how they got into podcasting:

  • Help People Who I Couldn’t Serve Directly
  • From a Listener to Podcaster
  • Share My Ideas and Experiences With Others
  • The Desire to Elevate the Voices of Women Around Me
  • A Great Medium to Build Credibility Online
  • To Overcome Social Anxiety

Help People Who I Couldn’t Serve Directly

I started my podcast, Snackable Solutions as a place where entrepreneurs and small business owners could share small, “snackable” tips to grow their companies incrementally every day. As a digital marketer, I get inquiries every day from people who I can’t help. Usually, they are small businesses that don’t have the budget to hire my company or other reputable firms.

I felt terrible when I couldn’t help good people, and I wanted to do more. So, the podcast gives me a place where I can aggregate great advice for this audience. They aren’t ready to be my customers today, but with the right advice, they may grow their businesses to the point where they can get the help they need to scale even further. My hope is that some of them will remember me at that time, and come back.

Dennis Consorte, Snackable Solutions

How They Got Into Podcasting

From a Listener to Podcaster

I got into podcasting about five years ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to the medium. I was immediately hooked and started listening to podcasts religiously. A few months later, I decided to start my own podcast with a friend of mine. We had no idea what we were doing, but we quickly learned and started producing high-quality episodes.

Now, podcasting is one of my favorite things to do. I love the creative freedom it affords, and the ability to connect with listeners all over the world. It’s an incredibly powerful medium, and I’m grateful to have found my place in it.

Adil Advani, Stream Digitally

Share My Ideas and Experiences With Others

I got into podcasting to share my ideas and experiences with others. I started by recording short videos and later began creating longer-form podcasts. Podcasts provide an engaging format that can be read in one sitting, making them perfect for more passive listeners who want to learn something new without actively working hard. Podcasting allows you to reach a wider audience and gives rise to powerful connections between podcasters and their fans. This mutual dialogue often results in valuable feedback that helps practitioners improve their craftsmanship.

Johannes Larsson,

The Desire to Elevate the Voices of Women Around Me

The desire and hope to elevate the voices of women around me. In a modern world where inclusion and equality are gaining traction, women still struggle to find their place in society. From thought leaders within the community to stay-at-home moms curious about starting their first business, these are the diverse women I reach with my podcast. Podcasting is a way to start a conversation and see the change, especially after a healthy and fruitful debate with individuals who don’t understand our message.

Anamika Goyal, Cottage

How They Got Into Podcasting

A Great Medium to Build Credibility Online

A few years ago, I first started listening to podcasts. I enjoy the format because I can listen anytime I want or even while I’m working. Podcasts make it incredibly simple to access current information while on the road. I made the decision to start podcasting one day. It looked to be the easiest way to build credibility online. I finally made the decision and since then, I haven’t turned back.

I had no idea podcasting could be so enjoyable! Starting a podcast has been entertaining, worthwhile, and fun. I had several excellent reasons for wanting to launch a podcast. I first wanted to grow my audience. The most popular podcasts have millions of subscribers. A podcast is a relatively cheap approach to attract listeners and establish your expertise in your field or sector. Moreover, there are advantages! In addition to being a more personal medium, podcasts may be a potent tool for promoting your goods or services.

Maneesh Sharma, Donorbox

To Overcome Social Anxiety

My podcast has been the savior of my social anxiety problems. During my school days, I was a prolific speaker. But soon after my graduation, I became a victim of bullying and this made me shrink into the inner world. Gradually, I lost my public speaking ability and started becoming panic-stricken whenever someone wanted to call me or talk to me. Especially, I couldn’t interact with strangers for a long time.

But when I realized that my social anxiety was turning to its worst and making me disconnect from the real world, I decided to start my podcast where I would share my personal experiences of facing my fears and winning over them. Thus, I launched my podcast where I talk about inspiring lessons from real-life experiences and motivate my audience to challenge their fears and conquer them.

Radhika Gupta, USCarJunker

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