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Top 20 Good Podcast Topics To Attract Huge Audience

Are you worried about not getting enough audience for your podcast? Well, have you thought about choosing something different? Something “unique” and attractive? No? Don’t worry. Cause we’ve got your back. In this article, we will tell you about some good podcast topics. We have selected them JUST FOR YOU to take your podcast a level up.

Coming up with new ideas for your podcast can be quite tough. Research can take up a lot of your time and effort. But you must choose a topic that attracts more listeners and keeps them engaged and attentive.

It shouldn’t be something usual, something that you can search on Google and present to the audience. It has to be impeccable. So choose something that you enjoy because the most common podcast topics are probably already taken. After all, good podcasts can’t be easy to handle and deliver — it is for a reason that most of the popular podcasts are entertaining.

20 Good Podcast Topics For You

20 Good Podcast Topics For You

There are going to be millions of podcasts soon. On so many different topics. What will you choose for yours? Let’s give you an idea about what good podcast topics should be about.

1.    Cryptocurrency

Surprised? You don’t have to be. The post-COVID era is seeing a rise in the value of cryptocurrencies. More and more people are getting interested in the idea of investing in crypto. The stocks are falling and rising on a daily and weekly basis. People would need some analysis on that. Invite finance experts if possible to talk about the future aspects and predictions on how crypto is going to shape future lives.

Discuss the merits and demerits of crypto, how it works, the ongoing trends, its legality, how to invest, how to earn, etc.

Do it for all types of cryptocurrencies separately.

2.    Startups/Entrepreneurship

People love to listen to new ideas about how they could start earning more. Give them something to think about. Relatively low-budget startups or entrepreneurs could get hooked to your podcast. But first, thoroughly research the ideas and startups. Do a story on them. Tell people how they started from zero to what they are today.

Don’t dive too deeper into the past to look for the startups. Start searching for those who took up the initiative just last year and are pretty new yet in the market but going towards a meteoric rise. Give people something they can follow on their own.

Start crowdfunding to fund the best idea of the week/month (get your listeners to vote on it). Motivate your audience to go for startups if they are capable.

3.    Nutrition & Fitness

If you are interested in medical science and can confidently talk about health issues, this might be a good idea for you. People like to hear about nutrition and fitness. Talk about daily life fitness issues, nutrition deficiencies, and how a common man can improve his life in both aspects.

Better yet, invite the specialists and take questions of your audience. You can gather a large following through this.

4.    Myth-busting

Just make sure that you have done your research well enough and that all of your supporting arguments are factual and not fake. Believe me, you will ace this. People LOVE myth-busting. You also have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of topics, ranging from health to technology. The good thing about this is that you can specifically target any age group that you want to.

5.    Personal Experiences

One of the good podcast ideas is narrating your own experiences of trying to learn something new. People love to hear about personal experiences. If you have a hobby of trying new things, why not note down the timeline of what you were trying to do and how you eventually accomplished it?

Discuss your success and failure. Encourage discussion among the audience.

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6.    Funny News Of The Week

You can search over the web about any hilarious happenings over the past week. This will create a fantastic podcasting type. People love humor. If you do it right, you’ll become successful quicker.

You may check different newspapers each week or go through the entertainment section of the official website or social media pages of famous news channels in the world.

7.    Points Of View of Retired Officials/Influential People

Your podcasts have to be unique if you want to attract more. This idea could be one.

Invite retired officials to your podcast regularly. Talk to them about their experience. Let them narrate their stories. Ask about their takes on different things, be it current affairs, lifestyle, life goals, achievements, etc.

Engage your audience and ask them to send in any questions. Carry on working on this idea if it works as it is among the good podcast topics.

8.    Behind The Scenes

Nowadays, our social media platforms are saturated with fully edited pictures and videos of social media influencers. It is then also appropriate to assume that they are leading a perfect life in real life. Sometimes that’s not the case, though.

Want to explore what happens in the life of an influencer behind the scenes?

No one speaks of the hours spent behind taking a picture or the struggle to expand the fan base. Your audience will be eager to listen to such podcasts.

This ranks pretty high among the topics of good podcasts.

9.    Highlight Problems & Provide Solutions

No society is perfect. Every region and country has a lot of issues on social, moral, economic, educational fronts, etc which need consideration and improvement. There are so many things that start on individual levels before they pan out to affect collectively.

You can stress improving moral values and doing duty as a citizen when you commonly see trash being thrown around in the cities carelessly everywhere, people not following any specific rules or regulations, educational issues of bullying or harassment getting common, etc. You can even talk about common courtesy or manners. Discuss etiquettes to do different things.

Look for the problems in daily life that everyone faces. Discuss the mitigation strategies. Spread awareness.

10. A Narration of Real-Life Activities

You can narrate your real-life activities when conducting a job relevant to the general subject of your podcast. For example, you can talk about science or any specific object involved in the process when trying to conduct a scientific experiment to make the audience understand something.

11. Discuss The Quotes

Have you learned something worthwhile or inspiring? Tell your followers about that! Read the quotation, provide some background and history, then deep-dive into the subject. Explain how the quote is important and unique to your followers.

12. Mention Any Happenings

Talk to your audience about any recent or historical events. They don’t have to be strictly related to your topic.

Check and then talk about any incident that occurred years ago. Search about the history and background and then try to share this new knowledge. You might want to break down a historical event (such as the French revolution). It could also be something that you had gone through (like any strategy that you implemented somewhere).

13. Review Other Podcasts

If you like podcasts, think about making a show that responds to various shows and their feedback. Discuss podcasts or individual episodes. Get the listeners to send in their favorite programs and episodes and then review them. Add other producers of the podcast to your show to know about their experiences.

Reviewing podcasts will make a good podcast topic for you.

14. Interview Successful People

Shows are often aimed at highlighting remarkable and high-achieving individuals such as corporate owners, famous people, or the ones who are particularly talented. But in the same world, there are numerous ordinary people with fascinating stories like the one here. To find them, you don’t have to search too hard!

You can ask a nurse to address the reality of the care of COVID19 patients on your show. Or you can talk to a hygienic worker about what is wrong with our sanitation system.

15. Teach Some Skills

Countless podcasts assist you with studying difficult subjects or learning difficult skills. But people also need to learn simple skills. You can create a podcast around the extremely complicated Facebook Marketing methods, food handling, cooking, car repair, or navigation. This podcast subject would be beneficial to everybody and can be one of the best podcast topics.

16. Event Coverage

Every industry holds certain events and programs. Your listeners would love to learn about it particularly if the event is exclusive.

Attend an event that is related to your podcast subject and bring some recording equipment. Keep recording your views. You may also interview the participants and get their views, on the main guests (such as speakers or the host).

17. Telling A Story

Share a lengthy, detailed story spanning many episodes. It could be an actual happening. Or it could be fictitious.

Invite other actors to play characters in your story for the progress of the podcast. It helps to prepare the whole story in advance so that you know where you are headed and what you can do along the way.

18. Top Lists

Which football stars are the most undervalued? What are the unique types of cars?

Make a “Top 10” list of what you think would be fun for people. It is an interesting show that would make your podcast lively and light. You may create these lists for yourself or invite the audience to send in their views and suggestions.

19. A Day In The Life Of…

When a podcaster interviews a speaker, he concentrates on the big picture, like “What made you succeed? “Or “How were you so talented? “But these critical questions do not allow the listeners to interact with their guests. You need an in-depth review to understand what good, creative, and talented persons are like.

Pick a personality and explore their daily life. Tell your listeners some interesting facts and figures about the personalities that you have picked.

20. Review A Book/Article/Movie Etc.

Following a reality program, book series, sports team, or music episode?

Choose it as the topic of your podcast for the new film/book/episode/game. You will explain what recently happened, explore fan ideas (including yours), and make a forecast about the future. This subject is easy to come up with since it is closely related to something you enjoy. This is a good podcast topic.

Keep Your Podcast Interesting With These Tips (Sourced from Good Podcast Topics)

Keep Your Podcast Interesting With These Tips
  1. Be creative with your episode titles
  2. Your conversations should be energetic and lively
  3. Always involve your listeners to increase engagement
  4. Be your natural self. Don’t fake anything.
  5. Know your content thoroughly
  6. Know your audience. Their age, capacity to absorb information, etc.
  7. Facilitate healthy debates and always try to be neutral.


Just know about what should be a part of every research that you do for finding good podcast topics. It’s your interest and the audience’s interest.

Create interesting content. This is very important if you want to keep the listeners attentive and intrigued.

Some people stop listening to a podcast when their interest in the content has been lost. Fans avoid listening when the host can no longer keep them enthusiastic. There are many ways to make the podcast fun and stop losing listeners.

One more thing. Always produce technically high-quality content. Remember, your podcast is your business. Don’t be frightened of investing a little bit in high-quality podcast equipment and tools for podcast editing.

Overall, finding good podcast topics is about doing the right thing. The most difficult part is to find a topic that interests you, so go for it!

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