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Express CheckOut Will Boost Your Earnings Easily

Let me ask you something first. What, according to you, is the most valuable thing in the world? Some diamonds? An antique artifact? Well, no. Sorry to pop your bubble. But the most important and precious thing is……….TIME. Yes, time is money and that’s what is going to make express checkout the future.

Moreover, every single thing is moving towards enhanced customer experience, and products with ease of access are rocking the world. Push start keyless ignition engines for cars are fast replacing the ones with keys. I mean, who would want to go through the hassle of keeping and taking the car keys everywhere? Similarly, there are those one-touch washing machines that rinse, wash, and dry the clothes at the same time. Then mobile screen locks that use face scanners instead of you having to punch in keycodes. It’s all about saving time and ease of access now.

Express checkout works the same way. Just a touch of a button, a simple click on an option to make the shopping and payment processes easier, as provided by top service providers like

What Exactly Is Express CheckOut?

What Exactly Is Express CheckOut?

Express checkout is exactly what the name implies. It means that when you check out, you will directly go to the final step in the checkout process, i.e. “Place your order”. Your contact details, shipping address, and payment methods are already saved, based on your previous orders. That information will automatically fill in at the checkout. You just have to place your order and, viola, you’ll be charged and the items will be shipped to your place automatically.

You can always go to the previous steps in the process of checking out to edit any necessary information like payment method, address, etc.

Express checkout was usually associated with the hotel industry in the past. It was meant to have the guests let the hotel staff worry about their payments and check out hassle-free without waiting at the reception. But since the technology is advancing so fast, it has now been adopted by many leading e-commerce brands as well.

Ensuring that the payment process is easy would only result in boosting sales and conversions on the websites, blogs, and pages.

Website owners, e-commerce stores, social media pages that are selling anything, or even blogs that are into affiliate marketing, everyone has to make sure that their payment processes are not too cumbersome and technical for their shoppers. Companies like ensure that they provide the fastest checkout experience online with their express checkout widget.

Why Is Express Checkout Important?

With the advent of new technology, the methods of payments have fast evolved. The user interface in E-Commerce has improved a lot and customers now expect faster and more efficient ways of buying stuff online.

E-commerce research showed that during the last 12 years, 68% of the users on average abandoned their cart while shopping online. That’s roughly 2 out of 3 shoppers. And among all the reasons for that, one reason was starkly highlighted.

“Too Long & Complicated Checkout Process” was the sole reason for 19% of those shoppers to abandon their carts. A huge loss of revenue, right? The point of online shopping is to save time and to have a hassle-free process. But complicated and less convenient checkouts would save any time and your shoppers would not see any value.

This is not like the “just browsing or window-shopping” category. It is something of a design flaw that could be changed through updates or incorporating better designs. That’s where express checkout is entered.

It is probably due to this reason that the average conversion rate increases by almost 35% from an improved checkout design. By incorporating an express checkout, you would be providing your potential customers a much faster and optimized experience of shopping.

What Are The Advantages of Express Checkout?

What Are The Advantages of Express Checkout?

Express Check out has a lot of advantages. That tiny widget would save your shoppers a lot of valuable time and keep the process from being an inconvenience. Let’s go through them in detail.

1.     Conversion Is Easier & Optimized

Making online payments is simpler. Your shoppers will be able to move through the checkout process faster and will be able to see all the orders and details related to payment and shipping addresses in a single click.

2.     No Regular Fee Deduction

Most of the service providers, like do not charge any set-up or monthly fee to start using their express checkout software or widgets on your website. You can start for free.

3.     Gain Confidence in Your Customers

Customers will trust you more if there are straightforward and clear-cut shopping processes without creating any inconvenience. They would be able to view their payment and transaction details immediately and can pay the money confidently.

4.     Device Compatibility

Express check out brings the world to your shoppers. With this, your customers will be able to buy from you on their desktop PC, mobile phones, or tablets. Hassle-free. Express checkouts are standardized across all the devices so the checkout process does not differ for users on different devices.

5.     No Design Issues

Express checkouts have a simple and direct design. The loading times, performances, and experience are enhanced to help the customers. Your shoppers will not have to migrate away from any shopping pages or cancel their cart to change their items. It is quick and painless. No integrations are required.

6.     Skipping Data Entry

With express checkouts, your customers will not be entering their details, again and again, every time they’d shop from your website. All express checkouts use a minimal amount of data from the previous sessions to verify the identity and payment details of the customers.

This helps in reducing the rate of abandoned checks out A LOT.

7.     Isolated On Every Page

Express check-out does not cover half the page every time your customers click on it. They operate on every page, confined to small sizes. This simplicity and accessibility make the process easier for customers.

8.     Global Presence

Express checkout can work in multiple countries with different currencies. So you do not have to worry about losing money from customers abroad.

9.     Easier To Integrate

Express checks out are much easier to integrate into your website. For express checkouts, you don’t need an additional e-commerce site anymore. Just paste a single line of code and start selling with ease.

Set up the express check-out process and get it running in a minute. It’s that easy.

How Do Express Check out Increase Sales

Before the existence of the express checkout, your shoppers would wait for the website first to load, then, add the items to the cart, and then wait for the checkout page to load again. That is a cumbersome process, resulting in the loss of patience. Hence your customers would be likely to leave your website without shopping as a result of the frustration.

The express checkout enhances this response time and reduces the number of steps taken to place an order. Faster and convenient user experience, better sales, and conversion rates.


One-click only. Passwords are not required. No long entry forms. No subscriptions and no logins. Fastest checkout experience for customers. That’s what express checkouts are for. Services like provide you with every feature that you can dream of.

So why not increase your sales? And why not do it today?

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