Diversity in Business. Is there a Colorblindness?

Surviving in the world, in general, is not easy. You have to work hard every day, and make sacrifices. And sometimes even that is not enough. Some people have it easy, some don’t. And those who don’t have to work even harder and yes we are talking about diversity.   

In that category, falls people of color. They are facing racism day and night while trying to make a living for themselves. People of color, for many, are only a topic of discussion. And for some, they are not worth a thought. But they do exist, everywhere and are overlooked. 

People do not understand the privilege they have sometimes. People of color are not one of those. They know what limited resources they have, and how to use them correctly. Maybe that is why they do so well in business.

Networking in business, especially for startups is very important. This networking is what determines the future of the company. 

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What is networking?

business network

It is the process of making a beneficial relationship with other businesses. It is not compulsory to make relations with only other businesses, but it can be anyone. It can be with your customers or potential clients. This networking helps small businesses grow and gain profits.

Underrepresented startups- Hidden diamonds

Now, women and people of color face problems in this area as well. They are often shunned to the sidelines. Their ideas are made fun of and their intelligence is questioned. 

There is a change happening no doubt. People are changing their way of thinking, but still, we have a long journey to cover. There are people who acknowledge the problem. And there are also people who try to solve this problem. Many apps are made where investors are connected with underrepresented startups. Those underrepresented startups are women and people belonging to the LGBTQ community. 

One of the apps working on uncrowding the people from the crowd is uncrowd. They believe everyone should have a fair playing field, ignoring their background.

There should be equal opportunity for everyone. And everyone should have mentorship if they need it. Yes, some may not deserve it, but that should be judged on their capabilities. And certainly not on the basis of their gender and color.

Networking in business is not easy, there you face challenges. And everyone needs a mentor for preparing them for these challenges. 

If everyone has mentorship, it will make the world a better place to live in and frankly, we all need that. The world is turning into a dark place, and a little humanity might save us all.

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