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More Reach

More Reach

Are you concerned that the quality of your content isn’t reaching your target audience?

Acquire more authority status

Acquire more authority status

As an individual on the web, you only have two pieces of leverage: information and influence. If you want to become an authority, you need to do both.

Publish to the whole world, like, now.

Publish to the whole world, like, now.

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You can submit up to six articles per month as long as your content meets our editorial guidelines. Write and submit right within our content management system

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Get Google Indexed Verified Personal Profile Page With Links To Your Social Media .

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We may include your articles in our newsletter and social media. But meanwhile you should share it with your audience to create the chain reaction of making you famous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Send an email with all the details mentioned above.
  2. Submit Payment.
  3. Gain access.

People are waiting to read your content. Follow these simple guidelines to get published fast:

  •  No interviews are allowed

Since we are looking to build a true community where everyone is willing to share their personal stories and experiences, we will not accept content with interviews of leaders or experts.

  • The timeline

After your article submission, you can expect it to be published within 5-7 days if your content is according to our guidelines.

  • Content that is too promotional

 Articles make for great thought leadership. They help build your credibility to the audience you are targeting, but they cannot be used to promote people, companies, or services.

  • Paid mentions or Links

This is a significant breach of our standards. Any editorial coverage provided in exchange for a financial reward of any type will result in deactivation from our site.

  • Plagiarized material

This is a serious offense that may result in account termination. We will only accept 100% unique articles.

  • Previously published content

We cannot accept previously published articles, even if they have been modified. We only welcome 100% original work.

You can submit up to six articles per month as long as your content meets our editorial guidelines.

We are currently focused on all topics linked to entrepreneurship, but if you are interested in any other category, please contact us as you never know, we may be able to provide you the opportunity to start as the first writer for the new category.

We use Stripe to process our payments and they accept almost all credit and debit cards.

All contributed articles have nofollow links.

A one-year subscription to the Starting to know VIP contributor program costs USD 599. There are currently no monthly options available.

*The yearly access fee is non-refundable.

Subscriptions are invoiced yearly on the date of purchase. Unless you cancel, your subscription will renew automatically. Each billing cycle, your invoice will be emailed to you.

If you have any billing questions, please email us at

Unfortunately, the yearly access fee is non-refundable.

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