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What is the importance of company culture?

Organizational values and company culture make the job easier. Having values that people in an organization agree with helps the companies to set a healthy structure but what is the importance of company culture?

A healthy organization also makes sure that everyone on the team knows what they can do. And what they can do to help keep everything running in an organized fashion.

Company culture definition

Company culture definition

Company culture includes the way a company is managed, how work is organized. And it even includes the beliefs of employees. It affects employee morale and determines the effectiveness of a business.

Company culture concerns the attitudes and behaviors shared by individuals in an organization. Although culture is not static and is ever-changing, the core remains the same. There are many company culture definitions available. You will find articles and books written on it.

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Company culture definition includes 3 things– behaviors, processes, and practices. And all are aligned with the values of your organization.

3 things to consider when building company culture

Building company culture

Building a positive work environment is no easy feat, it takes time and dedication. But if you are determined, company culture is something any business can achieve.

Ever wonder why a company has a certain culture? There could be several reasons. But the main reason is that they want to convey a certain image to the public.

To build the company culture you should-

Establish company core values

I said this before, I’m saying this again. If you do not put the company’s core values into practice they are just some words on a paper. For example- “Be Bold” is the first of Facebook’s core values and it certainly shows. Facebook is not afraid to push boundaries and try new things.

Set Cultural Goals

Every company has a goal, they are not the profits. They are the very idea behind the company’s establishment. The very reason a company was founded in the first place. And how you communicate those goals affect the company culture.

For example– Google’s “Built for everyone”

Involve the entire team

The general attitude of the workforce is the deciding factor of the company. And when you get to the bigger picture you’ll know that it will take you a long way. Involve the team to make them understand the importance of company culture. A few steps you will take will increase productivity-

  • Make sure to show appreciation to your team. Small things can be overlooked, but small things like these go a long way.
  • Find what motivates your employees and provide them with the opportunities they want. This will keep the employees motivated and engaged.
  • Provide support when they need it. Even your best employees need help from time to time. 

Company culture in the COVID situation

In 2020 people have faced situations they never thought they would. We are finding high-level anxieties in many employees. The workforce went from working 7-8 hours to attending 12 hours of online meetings. So people are just burnt out now.  

And companies realize that. They know they cannot have tired and irritated employees. We will be entering 2021 with this virus, so the employees cannot get tired now. So many companies are changing their company culture. Because company culture should change if a big change like this is happening. 

Leaders are trying to figure out how to help their employees get through. Redesigning and thinking about what is expected and how we work with each other is the need of the hour. The leaders realize that it’s not so much about having the perfect answer. It is about engaging and connecting with their employees.

Business owners need to realize that they need to give space. You cannot have employees on a 10-hour long meeting and then expect them to start working again. Employees need space to think and spend time with their families.

More for you. A better company culture. A better business.

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