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Clubhouse App -An Upcoming Star

So far, you might have seen social media celebrities talking about the Clubhouse app on their Twitter and Instagram stories. There is much hype about this app nowadays.

If you are new here, don’t worry. We know that the first question that will pop up in your mind would be, what is the Clubhouse app all about? Let’s have an interesting talk on the upcoming star.

What is the Clubhouse app?

The Clubhouse is an audio-only app in which you can interact with people or build your own Clubhouse community. This app is specially designed for audio chat experiences. There is no video option, only audio chat. The exciting feature is the spontaneity of its audio that this app doesn’t allow to record audio hence enhancing the real-life experience. It gives you a varied experience of conference calls, talkback radio, and Houseparty. 

You don’t need an expensive setup to talk. Just use the Clubhouse app and enjoy the next level of podcast experience. There is no editing of your voice. All will happen impromptu, as happens in real-life conversations. I am discussing all this exciting stuff next but first, let’s see about its access.

Who can use this app?

Currently, it is available only for iOS/iPhone users. It is not available for android users, but its availability will be extended soon, according to the CEO of Clubhouse. Because this app is still in the Beta mode that’s why its availability is exclusive.

You can use the Clubhouse app if you have an Apple device and a friend who can invite you. Right now, it is an invitation-only app.

How to receive an invitation?

A friend having your contact number can send you an invitation. When a friend sends you an invitation, it will come in the form of a message with a URL link asking you to access the Clubhouse app. Current users can invite others to join it (2 invites per person). It also makes Clubhouse an exclusive and elitist app to join.  It allows you to use the best of your time.

It will soon open up to the whole world. Upon receiving the invitation, you can access their webpage, and then after downloading the app, you will be opened to an excitingly new virtual world, a world that is needed in times of pandemics.

Exciting Features of the Clubhouse App

To use this app is more than joining a podcast. It is different than podcasts in a way that no conversation will be recorded on this app. It adds an element of enjoying the process within the present moment. The interface of the Clubhouse app is engaging and straightforward. Once sign up, you will see different rooms in the app with descriptions of various conversation topics. You can join conversations, listen to interviews and even participate in the discussions.

The conversation room works like a conference call in which a few speak while others listen. The conversation will be ended after ending the call, just like a phone call conversation. I will explain later that how to set your profile and bio in an exciting way to attract followers.

Fear of Missing Out

The function that makes this app exciting is the transient nature of the conversation. If you do not sign in to the app for a day, you might lose something interacting to participate.

The FOMO experience makes Clubhouse an enticing app to use. It works in a similar way to the fear of missing out on a concert that you have craved. Its resemblance with real-life experiences has surged its demand.

How to use Clubhouse?

After signing up, the app will ask you to build up your profile and write a bio. The more engaging your app will be, the more followers it will attract. Once you sign up for this app after getting an existing user’s invitation, you can select topics from a list of your interests. It might be topics of technology, education, politics, entertainment, etc. The broader your interests would be, the app would recommend more people and conference rooms to follow. Its follow-function works like Instagram.

You can enhance your social clout by initiating exciting and meaningful conversations. You can either join any conference room to listen passively or engage in a conversation. The moderator has the power to control the room and to set a stage for speakers to talk. You can ask questions by raising your hand so that the moderator could give you a chance to ask questions.

The exclusivity of audio-only function

Clubhouse gives you a real-time experience as if you are walking around a party or an exhibition to join whatever you find interesting. The difference that makes it unique from other social media apps is the exclusivity of its audio-only function.

In other apps like YouTube, the conversations get recorded for later usage. So, lifetime access to videos on apps like Youtube sucks the curiosity out of my mind. It has made the discussion rather superficial. This gap is nicely filled by the Clubhouse app, which provides the next-level podcast experience due to its live transmission and anti-availability of audios on the app once the conversation is over. It creates a pleasing effect in the participants to maximize their experiences.

How many people can join a conference room?

 A common question that might come into your mind is about the maximum number of participants joining a conversation. Up to 5000 people can join a conversation happening in a single conference room. The interesting thing is that this capacity can be maximized for events held by super celebs like Tiffany Haddish’s conversation with his fans.

In Covid times, Clubhouse has a phenomenal potential to attract an audience for a meaningful and healthy conversation while observing social distances from their homes’ comfort.

Backdoor option

 Another exciting feature is the use of the backdoor option. Let’s say that your friend who is already at Clubhouse has exhausted all his invitations. You can still download this app on your iPhone and reserve your user name. When your friends using this app receive the notification about reserving your username, they can invite you in the conversation through the option of waving through or calling the backdoor option.

How to make your bio engaging

Once signing up, you will be asked to set up your profile, including your picture and bio. Your profile picture could be of your choice. Biography is an integral part of one’s profile. Depending upon your personality and profession, you can tune down your bio according to your interest.

The first three lines of the biography are important because when someone clicks on your profile, these three lines will appear in the preview window. You can connect your Clubhouse app to other social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. If you don’t want to upload a profile pic, you can use your pic already present on other apps by merely connecting Clubhouse to these social media apps.

Next, I will discuss how to do business on Clubhouse and how to set up your profile exclusively to maximize your business doing opportunities.

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Prospects of building business/brand on Clubhouse App

No doubt that the Clubhouse has the potential of becoming the next Snapchat or Zoom due to its desirable features. You can enhance your influence on this app by engaging with people in a meaningful way. This app has all the ingredients to provide you an opportunity to kick-start interesting conversations and give you celebrity hype with the increasing number of your followers.

In the conference rooms, business-related techniques like YouTube marketing could be discussed. Ranging from business to politics, any sort of appealing conversation can be done without any undue cost of buying expensive gadgets and a setup.

The CEO of Clubhouse has announced that new features like ticketing, tipping, and subscriptions will be introduced soon to support creators on the app. Now with a worth of 1 billion dollars, it has been considered a superhot startup. News agency Reuters has reported that its demand for membership is growing day by day.

Invitations are being sold on online markets like Idle Fish. This app is gaining popularity in South-East Asia. People of Kong, Hong, Taiwan, and China are using it to express their voices. China has recently banned the Clubhouse app in their country. In Japan, it is the number 1 app on the apple store so far.

Benefits of using the Clubhouse app for business and marketing

 Let’s look more deeply at what benefits the Clubhouse app can provide to do business. If you run a business, you can set up your conference room to talk about your product or services, how to improve them, and an excellent way to connect with customers. The marketers can also promote their products or, in general, different business models and success stories can be discussed excitingly and engagingly.

The Clubhouse can be used as a platform to connect with clients and enhance your business’s scope.  Different brands are sponsoring conference rooms to advertise their products. Apart from this, if you are active on Clubhouse, various startups can approach you to talk about their ventures.

In this way, this app has a huge potential to establish virtual consultancy centers to seek advice about partnerships, investments, hiring, etc. By mainly focusing on the rooms relevant to your industry, you can grow your followers. Frequently visiting rooms pertinent to your field will give you an ample opportunity to speak on stage and hence enhancing your clients.

Focused energy and time on the thing you want to promote would help you more than just randomly switching from one room to another. It’s a platform offering you an opportunity to develop and establish yourself in a virtual world with huge implications for your business growth. It would be best if you optimized your bio according to the business that you want to grow. It should be concise and exciting in a way that reflects your aspirations.

These things must be included in your bio; where you work, the nature of your content, the rooms that you have created, and your other social media profiles. Collaboration with the people of your industry (with more followers than you) would ultimately enhance your followers and hence the opportunity to attract new clients. Right now, many enthusiasts will have to wait for its worldwide availability.

Celebrities Using Clubhouse App

People love their celebrities, and this app has created hype in the world because there are already many celebrities using Clubhouse to interact with their fans. A few of the prominent celebrities on Clubhouse are Elon Musk, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Meek Mills, and Zendaya. Celebrities like this platform for its non-recording policy.

When this app was launched last year, its users were 1500, with its worth of 100 million dollars. Elon Musk’s conversation with Vlad Tenev sparked the popularity of this app. Now it has 2 million active users. Elon Musk is famous for his bold initiatives. Recently Elon Musk has given an invitation to Vladimir Putin to have a conversation on this app.

This app gives you a chance to connect with your favorite celebrities. Celebrities like it due to the authenticity of their voice (without manipulating their clips for click-baiting). 

Final Note

Although this app is restricted to invitation-only mode, it has crossed more than 8 million downloads. This had happened due to the interest of high-profile people in this novel and exclusive app. The popularity of Clubhouse lies in the features unavailable on other social networks, including audio-only conversation and interaction with people and celebrities in an unfiltered and real way. 

If you are fortunate enough to get invited to use this app, you must go for it. A novel experience is waiting for you; go and grab it. But if you don’t have access to this app now, wait for its worldwide availability because this will be the next social media icon.

Well this is the time to check out the app:

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