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Branding- first step of a successful business

Branding. A term used a lot in the marketing world, a word you hear a lot in board meetings. A field of business that has a lot of relevance. But do you actually know what it is? Or are you only familiar with the term? It is not something that you should take as a passing thought. because it can make or break your whole business.

It is as important as having stakeholders, finances, and staff. You will all these things, but branding ideas? They are hard to find. Because the brand is not some product you can sell, it is a feeling. A feeling that resides in the very core of your company, and your employees.

Now, what is branding exactly?

what is branding exactly?

In brief, it refers to the ways of showing people the principles and values of your company. It should mirror the services it provides as well. A brand is something that leaves an impression on the audience. People might forget the name of your company or the products you sell. But your brand should make a home in their minds.

Branding is a stage that any business owner should focus on in the very early stages. If you do not merge branding in the earlier stages, believe me, you will need to backtrack on this step. You need to ask yourself, why are some companies so successful? What is that secret ingredient they have and you don’t?

Many companies spend millions of dollars and hours of meetings on branding. And this pays off. Through clever branding, they get the extra edge they need to differentiate themselves from the rest.

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Is branding a logo?

This is more then a logo
This is more than a logo

Many may confuse branding with a logo, but that’s not the case. The logo is the face of your brand, and the brand is the identity. Still, confused? Let me take an example. You meet a person, the very first thing you will notice is the features of the person. Their height, eye color, etc. But after spending some time with them, you know a little more about that person. You know about their way of thinking, their values.

The features are the logo and the values are the brand.

The brand of your company is going to be what the company believes in. It’s not something that is set in one meeting. The brand consists of why is the company made and what purpose the company has. It should reflect on both the marketing and advertising of the company. All these things come together and make a brand.

It is something that stays in your mind after marketing did the job. The key difference between marketing and branding is the customers. Marketing makes your customer base, and branding helps in retaining that base. Marketing is a tool to bring in potential clients. And to make those potential customers into loyal customers? That’s the job of branding!

Always remember, your branding should reflect in your marketing and advertising. A well-made brand will help you connect with your brand, tell them what you stand for. It will tell them about who you are and what you can deliver to the market.

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