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Bitcoin Price Prediction Tips to Make Profits

The future world is slowly and eventually headed towards virtual currencies. That is evident from the fact that there’s more talk about their benefits than about any new technology. The cryptocurrency fever is taking over the world quickly. Bitcoin, being the most commonly known cryptocurrency, is generating huge headlines. It’s gaining value with each passing day. More and more bitcoin price prediction is pouring in for potential investors and businesses to help them before trying to buy any shares in bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets. That makes it hard to predict their exact prices at any given time. For Bitcoin, there have been a lot of ups and downs. But what will be its future potential? How high can Bitcoin go? Is there any cap on its price? To answer such questions generally, you have to know what Bitcoin is and which factors make its price go high.

What Is Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, probably a pseudonym of an unknown person, created Bitcoin as the first-ever cryptocurrency in 2008. It is a form of peer-to-peer electronic cash by definition.

Bitcoin works on the principle of blockchain technology and is a digital asset that is not centralized. Governments or banks do not control it. Bitcoin is supposed to replace the local currencies being used all over the world.

Many people label it as the digital money of the future. Others dismiss it because of the unpredictability of its price or uncertainty in its price prediction.

What Are The Rewards For Mining Bitcoin?

Let’s mention an interesting fact here. There are around 15 to 16 million bitcoins in existence today. Bitcoin is designed to be capped at a finite supply of 21 million bitcoins. Bitcoins will reach that number 125 years from now.

The mining rewards get halved after every four years or 210,000 blocks of transactions. For example, in 2008, mining started with a bonus of 50 coins mined every 10 minutes. The number of mined coins was reduced to 25 coins per 10 minutes 4 years later and 12.5 coins in 2016. It’s now at 6.25 (half of 12.5) as of 2020. It will continue until all of the 21 million bitcoins have been mined.

These factors play a crucial role in Bitcoin Price Prediction.

Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin has seen a lot of ups and downs since its inception. Let’s take its volatility in 2013 as an example. Bitcoin started at around $13 and increased to more than $200 by the end of March 2013. However, within the next two weeks, it went down to about $68.

Similarly, it went down by about 45% of its price in January 2018 and then recovered in 2019. It went close to $10k in 2020 and then came crashing down to $5k soon after. But since then, it has seen a consistent rise in its price.

Hence, it’s not easy to predict Bitcoin’s price.

Leading Factors in Bitcoin Price Prediction

The price of Bitcoin is going uphill pretty fast for the last couple of years. Many people are keeping an eye on this rapid growth. Because it is a safe haven asset (assets that can be used during inflation or economic instability) and fully autonomous, it is said to have vast potential.

However, some are eyeing it as an economic bubble that will burst with time, and the prices will drop drastically to mere cents as it was before when Bitcoin was invented.

Factors That Would Result In Bitcoin Price Increase

The economic situation are changing rapidly with time, and that is helping Bitcoin’s cause. Many factors are resulting in the increase of Bitcoin’s price with time. 

1.    Scarcity of Bitcoin and Its High Demand

As I had mentioned previously, 15 million Bitcoins are in circulation today. Even out of those 15 million, millions are said to be lost or locked forever. This fact makes the Bitcoin asset even scarcer than it appears. Moreover, Bitcoin growth is designed to slow over time, and fewer Bitcoins will enter the market with time.

The scarcity of Bitcoin is what makes it potentially more valuable and helps keep its price rising. It makes the bitcoin price prediction very, very difficult.

2.    Providing Security & Safe Storage

Using bitcoins gives you a hassle-free way to complete your monetary transactions or have an asset.

Because Bitcoin only exists only in the cyber-space, it can provide some benefits that Gold, legal tenders, or other assets cannot. It does not have a physical blueprint, so there would be no issues in storing it in lockers or banks.

You would be able to access and transfer it directly with a few clicks, no need to keep visiting your bank or physically keep the assets in your possession.

Also, Bitcoin uses blockchain technology. The mining process keeps the whole network secure, so there is no issue of hacks or thefts. Such benefits are also resulting in the explosive price increase of bitcoins.

3.    Countries & Entities Willing To Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s creator had designed it to replace all the localized currencies being used in the different parts of the world. Every country has its legal tender or banknotes right now. It makes it challenging to use one type of currency worldwide.

Bitcoin could provide this opportunity by being a single currency type being accepted all over the world.

However, that depends on how many countries accept Bitcoin as a payment method and how quickly they legalize its use. PayPal, one of the largest online payment systems, has also legalized the use of Bitcoin on its platform.

All these steps create more trust in the authenticity and value of Bitcoin. As more and more countries start accepting it as a standard payment method, its value may keep rising. So bitcoin price predictions may include higher values of bitcoin.

4.    Social & Media Influence

The world is a global village. Any news can spread like wildfire. The same has been happening with Bitcoin for the last few years. It has been all over the news and on every social media in the previous few months. Why so? Because it is being talked about by almost every businessman, it is discussed by so many well-known economists.

Such type of coverage can positively affect the Bitcoin price. Recently, Elon Musk’s company “Tesla” decided to buy Bitcoins worth 1.5 billion dollars. This step alone resulted in a 17% increase in the Bitcoin value because a prominent businessman invested in it.

Hence, media plays an essential role in creating trust around cryptocurrencies. It also helps in predicting a higher value of Bitcoin & driving its prices up.

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Factors That Would Result In Bitcoin Price Increase/Decrease

Factors That Would Result In Bitcoin Price Decrease

There are a few factors that people are considering and counting against Bitcoin. Such factors could play an essential role in pulling down Bitcoin’s price.

1.    Comparison with Gold

Bitcoin is very similar to Gold in some ways. Gold is also a safe haven asset and is scarce in supply. It can also be used as a means of transfer of value (using Gold as a method of payment in trade or loans). Over the last few years, Bitcoin and Gold’s values have given similar performances if we talk about ROI.

However, there’s a big difference in both. Bitcoin is supposed to be capped at 21 million bitcoins. Gold, on the other hand, doesn’t have a specific cap. We don’t know how much more Gold can be mined from the Earth’s crust. That can potentially make Gold’s price lean towards more stability in the future than Bitcoin. That’s because of Bitcoin’s difficulty to mine and the long time it will take to mine a total of 21 million Bitcoins.

Hence, the price of Gold is stable for now and keeps increasing in a calculated manner. On the other hand, there is no exact trend Bitcoin is following to its meteoric rise and may even fall drastically making bitcoin price prediction more difficult.

2.    Insecure Possessions & Intense Mining Competitions

Because of its anonymity, no one knows who possesses Bitcoin and how much exactly. It may be in good hands or wrong; no one knows. This fact can invoke a level of mistrust among the governments and even in people who are willing to use it.

In addition to this, the mining processes are becoming intense competition among the miners. Those mining battles would become more extreme with time as the rewards will be cut in half every four years. The cost of Bitcoin production could become too high to sustain on a specific level.

That, along with the decrease in demand due to distrust, could drive people away from using Bitcoin, resulting in volatile Bitcoin prices & its predictions.

Bank of England’s governor Andrew Bailey said it was hard to find Bitcoins’ intrinsic value, and it only had an extrinsic value just because the people desired it and wanted to possess it. And people should know that Bitcoin Prices are very volatile before investing.

3.    Competition with Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the first and the most commonly known cryptocurrency right now. But now, there are so many other cryptocurrencies in existence as well. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Facebook’s Libra, and Lite coin are Bitcoin’s close competitors.

Any value inflation or mainstream use of its competitors may result in a direct price cut for Bitcoin.

4.    Crypto Whales Cashing In on Bitcoin Prices

One of the big reasons for the drop in bitcoin price, if that happens, could be due to the crypto whales. Crypto whales are the people or entities who start depositing their bitcoins and cash in on them when their prices are high. That will create a massive supply of Bitcoins, with the demand remaining the same.

Hence, the Bitcoin price will go down because of more supply now and lesser or stable demand.

Realistic Bitcoin Price Predictions for the Future

Realistic Bitcoin Price Predictions for the Future

The economic experts in the world are divided over the actual value and feasibility of Bitcoin. Moreover, Bitcoin is not being regulated in many countries as of now.

Due to so many economic factors, it is tough to go for bitcoin price prediction. No one knows how and when the crypto whales will start working to increase the supply, and when will any clear-cut regulations be devised to regulate the use of cryptocurrency all over the world. The volatility of Bitcoin and the unpredictability of future market trends are the main reasons for advocating against its use.

Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2021

For a few years, Bitcoin has consistently followed the bullish trend. Right now, one Bitcoin is worth around $57,000. During the next 12 months or so, a widespread prediction is that its price would fluctuate between $100,000 and $200,000. It is being endorsed by more and more companies and is being incorporated on many platforms as a payment method.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2022

In 2017, Bitcoin’s economic bubble was deflated to considerably lower prices. The same could be the trend in 2022. The price of Bitcoin could go up to $300,000 – $400,000. Then would take a nose dive down to around $40,000 to $60,000 (the current price) at the end of 2022.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2023 & 2024

Again, the price would start climbing at the beginning of 2023 from the predicted $40,000-$60,000 to $250,000-$300,000. It would take a plunge right during the first quarter of 2024. The price is expected to close at around $75,000 at the end of 2024. The bitcoin mining rewards will be halved in 2024.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2025 & 2026

As the halving will take place in 2024, if the demand remains high, the supply will be short, increasing the price of Bitcoin during 2025. It is expected that Bitcoin will start 2025 at a price of $120,000 – $150,000 and go up to $1,000,000 – $1,300,000 during the last quarter of 2026.

According to DigitalCoinPrice, the price will fall back to around $70,000 at the beginning of 2027.

Expert Opinion on Bitcoin Price Prediction

Let’s see the predictions of a few experts regarding the future Bitcoin prices.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Mr. Palihapitiya is the co-owner of Golden State Warriors in the NBA and the founder of Social capital. He owns 5% of all Bitcoins in circulation around the world. He has predicted that Bitcoin will reach a price of around $1 million by 2037.


JPMorgan is a multi-national financial institution and investment bank. According to them, Bitcoin was once a scam. But now, they have predicted that Bitcoin’s price will increase up to $150,000 by the end of 2021.

Max Keiser

Max Keiser is a renowned financial analyst and investor. He had predicted the price to be around $100,000 in the short term and $400,000 when Bitcoin becomes stable.


This platform provides real-time cryptocurrency evaluations and information regarding price trends. DigitalCoinPrice estimates that Bitcoin price will jump up to $70,000 in December 2021.

Jeremy Liew

Mr. Liew was the first investor of the social media app Snapchat. His net worth is estimated to be $2 billion. His bitcoin price prediction is that Bitcoin could be priced at about half a million dollars by 2030.

Tom Fitzpatrick

CitiBank’s managing director has predicted a price of about $320,000 for Bitcoin by the end of 2021. That is because the current trend is very stable, and Bitcoin will continue to rise, gaining businesses’ and governments’ trust along the way.

Mark Yusko

Mark Yusko is the founder of Morgan Creek Capital. He has equated Bitcoin with Gold in today’s market. From the amount of Gold and the number of Bitcoins existing in the world today, he has predicted a stable price of $400,000 for Bitcoin in the long run.


Guessing from the economic trends and predictions, the future of Bitcoin seems incredibly bright. But, being just over a decade old, it is still not widely accepted by everyone in the world of economics.

The Bitcoin regulations have not been genuinely started yet. But once it is adopted and endorsed by the major financial institutions worldwide, there would be no stopping it.

On the other hand, if this financial experiment fails to perform as expected, Bitcoin could realistically and drastically fall to zero. So bitcoin price prediction isn’t that straightforward.

If you are going to invest in bitcoin, make sure that you are taking everything into account, from the recent and future trends to the major countries’ political and financial situations and their endorsements of cryptocurrencies.


The information provided in this article does not serve the purpose of soliciting, validating, or inducing the trading of cryptocurrencies in any way. The comments of the analysts are subjective and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author. The info provided in the article regarding cryptocurrencies is subject to change at any given time and does not offer any guarantees or commitments.

You would solely be responsible for any investments or trading actions are taken based on the information provided in this article. It is suggested to consult an economics analyst or professional to know more about the economics of cryptocurrencies.

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