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Best Sales Leadership Podcasts–Secrets

Sales leadership podcasts are a game-changer for anyone in the sales industry looking to stay ahead of the curve. With an ever-evolving market, customer base, and industry trends, staying informed and up-to-date is crucial for sales professionals to remain effective and passionate about their work.

But, finding the time for further education can be a challenge for busy sales team members as they do not get the time for reading their favorite sales books and attending webinars on sales and business. Thankfully, podcasts for sales leaders offer a flexible solution, allowing men and women in sales to expand their knowledge and stay on top of the latest best sales development practices at their own pace and convenience. If you’re a sales coach looking to share your knowledge and the best practices with others, creating a podcast can be an easy and effective way to do that.

Even the Best Sales Leaders Listen to Podcasts

As a seasoned sales trainer, you have likely encountered a multitude of challenges and opportunities throughout your career. By sharing your hard-earned wisdom, tips, and lessons learned with your sales managers, you can help them to overcome their own obstacles and achieve greater success.

Whether a sales expert is a top performer or looking to improve their sales results, it’s important for them to continually seek out valuable insights and strategies to enhance their skills. However, traditional methods such as email and video conferencing may not always provide the level of accessibility and convenience that today’s busy salespeople require.

By creating a sales and marketing podcast, you can share your sales gravy in a format that allows listeners to access your content on the go and at their own pace. Whether they’re commuting, working out, or simply taking a break, your audience can tune in and learn from your experience for personal development without the hassle of scheduling a time to attend a webinar. So why not consider starting a podcast and sharing the art and science of selling with the world?

Advantages of Starting a Sales Leadership Podcast

Many sales leaders and experts tend to shy away from starting a podcast, but once they understand the numerous benefits it brings, they are eager to get started. A sales enablement-focused podcast can have a significant impact on your business too and bring these key benefits to the table.

Easy to Listen

Podcasts are incredibly user-friendly as they are easily downloadable files that can be listened to at any time, whether it be during a run or on the way to work. The hands-free, eyes-free format makes them one of the most convenient ways to consume content.

People who are into b2c or b2b sales are often on the go, and podcasts allow them to multitask as they do not require them to be fixated on a screen.

Establish Authority

According to Aristotle, the father of persuasion, there are three principles that content must possess to effectively impact its audience: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos refers to the reliability and authority of the author, Pathos relates to the emotional appeal of the content, and Logos represents the logical and rational consideration that the audience must have for it to align with their interests.

By producing a sales podcast, you can establish your ethos and demonstrate your expertise and passion for a specific topic, thereby earning immediate authority on that topic.

Build Engagement

Podcast listeners are often loyal and engaged with the content they consume. In fact, 88% of podcast listeners listen to all or almost all of the episodes of the podcasts they are subscribed to. This means that by making a minimal effort, you can have a captive audience at your disposal and establish yourself as a sales leader.

Increase Your Website Traffic

The transition to audio content can result in an immediate increase in website traffic. Major podcast platforms recommend related content to their listeners, thereby exposing you to new users. The best part is that this is quality traffic that is interested in your content and offerings.

How to Get Started as a Sales Evangelist Podcaster?

Unleash the power of storytelling through podcasts – a simple and effective tool for sales enablement. No need for expensive video equipment, backdrops, or professional editors. With just a basic phone or computer that records audio, you’re ready to go.

Begin by creating a comprehensive list of key elements that drive sales success. Paint a vivid picture of a typical day in the life of your top salesperson. Jot down notes, anecdotes, and examples that bring this story to life. Record your piece on your computer and voila! You have your first sales leader training podcast ready to go.

Podcasts are not just about technical information, but more about fostering relationships in sales. Use real-life stories to illustrate how sales theories work in practice. Hearing how your top salespeople applied certain strategies will help listeners better understand how they can do the same and understand the nitty-gritty of the sales process.

For instance, record a podcast featuring your top salespeople sharing their experiences of generating sales and making successful deals using sales automation. Listeners will be fascinated by tales of unexpected deals struck at the gym, grocery store, or through a spouse’s friend. These stories bring concepts to life and help green employees connect the dots to prospects in their own lives.

Top Sales Leadership Podcasts to Take Inspiration from

The Advanced Selling Podcast

Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale host the Advanced Selling Podcast, which is a weekly show that boasts 400+ episodes and counting. Unlike other podcasts, this show is a lively conversation between two top leaders in sales with nearly 50 years of combined experience. Whether someone is a sales professional or just looking to start a sales career, they’ll find plenty of valuable insights to increase their sales effectiveness.

Bryan, who is also an NFL referee, brings a unique perspective to the show by making comparisons between football and sales since they are both creative and entertaining. Each episode is around 30 minutes or less, making it a convenient and engaging way to stay up-to-date on the latest in sales.

Stories from the Sales Floor

Brandon Redlinger and Ben Sardella bring a unique twist to sales humor with their podcast, Stories from the Sales Floor. Despite being one of the newest podcasts in the market with only 15 episodes, these hosts captivate their audience with engaging topics.

Their comedic approach combined with expert insights from industry leaders like Matt Heinz, Jon Ferrara, and Juliana Crispo, creates a winning formula that leaves listeners, including both sales reps and sales leaders, eager for more. With each episode, Ben and Brandon masterfully blend humor and knowledge, making Stories from the Sales Floor a must-listen for anyone in the sales and marketing world.

This is Your Life

Sales thought leader Michael Hyatt’s podcast is designed to help b2b sales leaders become more confident and effective, a crucial aspect of sales success. With thought-provoking episodes like “Stepping into the Uncomfortable” and “Discovering Your Leadership Potential,” the sales hacker guides sales and marketing people toward a more capable self. 

If you are looking specifically for conversations with women in sales, you can listen to “This Is Your Life as leadership coach Michele Cushatt joins Michael as co-host and together they engage in lively discussions and answer questions from listeners related to enterprise sales, sales strategies, sales management, and much more. Tune in every Monday for a new episode, which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The Growth Show

Discover the secrets of growth-driven success with The Growth Show, a podcast by HubSpot that explores the journeys of innovative companies, dynamic teams, and exceptional individuals. Hosted by Meghan Keaney and Kipp Bodnar, this thought-provoking podcast takes a closer look at the challenges that these trailblazers encountered and the strategies they used to overcome them and achieve remarkable growth.

Each episode is packed with insightful interviews and practical tips for anyone, whether they are just starting out or experienced professionals. The show provides valuable insights and inspiration for your journey. Episodes are released every week and range from 15 to 45 minutes in length, so there’s always something new to learn.

B2B Nation: Smarketing Edition

Presented by TechnologyAdvice, this podcast is a must-listen for leaders in sales and marketing. Each episode, which lasts between 15-30 minutes, features insightful conversations with some of the top experts in the field. From ABM authority Sangram Vajre to marketing legends Jay Baer and Matt Heinz, this sales hacker podcast has something for everyone. 

The hosts, Clark Buckner, Josh Bland, Chris Klinefelter, and Jordan Schneider, bring a wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humor to each episode. They expertly guide the conversation and let their guests shine, delivering a truly engaging listening experience.

How to Create a Successful Sales Podcast

Creating a successful weekly or daily podcast on modern sales techniques and sales growth hacks requires more than just hitting the record and winging it. It takes careful planning and strategy to ensure you reach your ideal audience.

Who Is Your Listener?

First and foremost, identify who your target audience is. If you already have a well-established sales channel, you likely have a defined buyer persona. But, if you’re starting from scratch, take the time to define who you want to reach with your content. It’s essential to cater to your audience’s interests and preferences, whether it’s about their sales goals or sales skills and sales techniques. Your audience might be interested in both b2b and b2c sales podcasts for sales, or they might be looking for more customized sales training. 

Explore the Formats

When it comes to formatting, don’t limit yourself to only interviewing others. While this is a popular option, there are many other ways to approach your podcast. Consider hosting solo or bringing on multiple presenters.

The solo route can be intimidating at first, but with the use of background music, you can create a dynamic listening experience. On the other hand, having multiple presenters can add more depth and complexity to your podcast, but it also requires more preparation.

Add Some Music

Music plays a crucial role in elevating your podcast. Use it as an intro, to break up different sections, or to add energy to certain moments. Search for royalty-free music from websites like Free Music Archive, Jamendo, and YouTube Audio Library. If you’re using Garage Band, you’ll have access to a vast library of music to choose from.

Lastly, consider uploading your podcast to YouTube to increase your reach. Just make sure to use copyleft music to avoid any copyright infringement issues. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful and engaging podcast.

Create a Cohesive Structure

When crafting a podcast, it’s essential to establish a well-defined structure. Begin by constructing a script and a comprehensive outline that covers all the points you plan to address.

To kick off the introduction, choose an upbeat tune that captures the attention of your listeners right from the start. Gradually lower the volume after a few seconds and keep it as a subtle backdrop as you give them a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Break down the main portion of your episode into segments to keep things interesting and intersperse with musical interludes.

Add the CTA

In the end, introduce your call-to-action (CTA) and make it crystal clear. Consider what your audience will find most compelling and make it a focal point.

The script that lays out your core ideas is referred to as the step outline. Additionally, create a separate document with notes for the program.

During the episode, you may mention blog posts, resources, or other related content relevant to the topic at hand. Including links to these resources in your program notes is a thoughtful touch that your listeners will appreciate.

Equipment You Need to Record a Sales Leadership Podcast

When it comes to audio recording equipment, the good news is that you won’t need much. In fact, there are just three essential components to get started:

  • USB Microphone – Investing in a condenser microphone is a great place to start, but if you’re just starting out, the microphone in your smartphone’s headset may suffice. If you’re torn between a condenser and a dynamic microphone, consider that a condenser captures a wider range of sounds, including background noise, while a dynamic microphone is better for avoiding unwanted sounds but doesn’t have the same depth of voice as a condenser.
  • Headphones – Any headphones you have lying around will do for starters. It’s important to get used to monitoring your own voice through headphones so you can get an idea of how your audience will hear you. It may feel strange at first, but it’s the best way to improve your audio quality.
  • Software – There are many options available for editing audio, but one of the most widely used and free options is Audacity, which is available for both Windows and Mac. If you’re using a Mac, we recommend using Garage Band for your editing needs.

Showcase Your Podcast to Tell Your Sales Success Stories

After polishing and perfecting your first episode, it’s time to showcase it to the world. Maximize your reach by submitting your podcast to the most popular directories and make it simple for listeners to subscribe by displaying your podcast’s RSS feed prominently on your website.

But the work doesn’t end here, it’s now time to focus on marketing your podcast. Share your episodes on social media, join forces with fellow podcasters, and craft your own unique marketing strategies to help your podcast stand out, earn fans, and generate a following.

Are You Ready to Create the Best Sales Podcasts?

Starting a podcast and incorporating it into your content plan will boost the number of visits and prospects for your business. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales, which is the ultimate goal of any business. Use the tips and how-to guides and listen to the best podcasts to get some inspiration before you record one for your business.

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