Best Project Management Podcast – Inspiration

Best Project Management Podcast – Inspiration

Today, business and project managers can improve their skills and acquire essential techniques through project management podcasts. Although these podcasts cannot replace hands-on experience, they offer valuable insights from top project management professionals, making them a practical and convenient resource.

For busy managers who have limited time to attend seminars, PMP certifications, or other upskilling programs, project management podcasts provide a free and flexible alternative to enhance their knowledge, and prove to be a project management paradise where they can learn everything related to project and risk management, plus something more.

The Best Project Management Podcasts to Listen

Are you a project manager eager to share your expertise? Consider starting a PM podcast to share your valuable insights and project management tips with a wider audience. Your podcast can cover a range of topics, from client and time management to project leadership strategies. Need some inspiration? Check out our top ten picks for project management podcasts that are popular among leading project managers.

The Project Management Podcast

If you are looking for a no-nonsense management podcast that delivers practical tips and strategies, you will love The Project Management Podcast, with its straight-to-the-point name and over 480 episodes of in-depth project management insights. Whether you’re aiming to get certified as a Project Management Professional or just looking to up your game, this podcast has you covered.

Plus, you can earn valuable professional development units or PDUs while you listen. Host Cornelius Fichtner also offers a wealth of resources for those just starting out in the field. Don’t miss out on one of the best project management podcasts out there.

People and Projects

Experience one of the most sought-after podcasts on project management with the People and Projects Podcast, hosted by none other than the legendary Andy Kaufman. With over 200 episodes, this monthly-updated podcast has become a go-to source for expert insights and inspiring interviews with influential figures in the industry.

Listeners even have the chance to earn free PDUs simply by tuning in. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, the People and Projects Podcast is an invaluable resource with something for everyone. Don’t miss out on exploring their website and uncovering even more of Kaufman’s extensive knowledge and resources. 


The official podcast of the Project Management Institute, Projectified, helps listeners stay ahead of the game with the latest trends in the project management world, combined with strategic solutions and sage advice. Tune in twice a month for essential and relevant information, as successful project managers share their experiences and knowledge.

This podcast was designed as an educational tool to help project managers lead initiatives and improve their teams’ collaborative ability to deliver actionable solutions. Listen in to develop your leadership skills and pass on your expertise. Gain access to exclusive interviews with top business leaders, researchers, and best-selling authors.

Project Management Happy Hour

Join hosts Kate Anderson and Kim Essendrup as they tackle project management in a refreshingly straightforward and honest way on their podcast. Each episode delves into a specific situation that arises in everyday project management, with guests sharing valuable advice on navigating the issue within the context of today’s industry.

This podcast offers a rare opportunity to gain insights from real-life scenarios and receive honest feedback. Plus, subscribers can enjoy exclusive content such as quizzes and templates. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone in the project management field.

Manage This

Looking for a podcast that provides clear and actionable advice on project management? Manage This, hosted by industry experts Bill Yates and Andy Crowe, delves into the nitty-gritty of project operations and shares valuable insights from industry leaders.

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just starting out, each episode of this podcast could be your go-to source for gathering in-depth knowledge on good practices and day-to-day to-do lists. Plus, host Andy Crowe and Bill Yates offer tips and guidance on project management certifications and effective techniques to help you succeed in your projects.

5 Minutes Podcast by Ricardo Vargas

5 Minutes Podcast by Ricardo Vargas is the ultimate time-saving solution for busy professionals. The compact and insightful project management podcast is hosted by leadership expert, Ricardo Vargas. In just five minutes, Vargas shares his top project management strategies, making it easy for you to squeeze in an episode during your busy workday. With over 500 episodes available, Vargas also delves into project risk assessment, presenting trending topics in a practical and direct manner.

Since 2007, Vargas has been helping listeners navigate the world of project management with his no-nonsense approach. Not only is this podcast a great choice for those interested in crisis management, but it also allows certified professionals to earn PDUs.

The Project Chatter Podcast

Immerse yourself in the world of Project Management with the Project Chatter Podcast – a highly informative and entertaining show that delivers expert insights with a distinctly Australian flair. Each episode features top professionals from a variety of industries, providing valuable perspectives and experiences on the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Hosted by the dynamic duo of Dale Foong and Val Matthews, this unfiltered podcast offers practical advice and strategies to help you advance your career and refine your project control skills. Tune in to Project Chatter and gain the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of project management.

The Lazy Project Manager

The Lazy Project Manager podcast was a treasure trove of valuable insights and advice on personal productivity, efficiency, and task management hosted by Peter Taylor. Despite the show concluding its run, you can still access a wealth of knowledge from Peter’s years of experience as a transformation specialist in various industries.

Listen to Peter’s easy-to-follow talks on a wide range of topics, as well as interviews with industry experts who provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by project managers every day. This podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to optimize their productivity and manage their workload more effectively.

Project Management Office Hours

If you’re a project manager, you’ve probably come across Joe Pusz, also known as PMO Joe. His podcast features insightful interviews with top project managers, discussing relevant trends, topics, and invaluable lessons in project management.

In a bid to educate, elevate, as well as show the execution methods to managers, PMO Joe gives a deeper understanding of the importance of professional project management. PM practitioners can elevate their knowledge, understanding, and expectations by tuning in, and consistently executing better solutions that provide value to their organizations. As PMO Joe himself emphasizes, it’s all about elevating your game, staying ahead of the curve, and delivering top-notch project management solutions.

PM Point of View Podcast

If you want to discover fresh perspectives on project management, tune in to Kendall Lott’s insightful podcast. As an experienced project manager and CEO, Lott interviews fellow practitioners to explore how they create value in unexpected places.

Each brief yet powerful conversation provides unique insights into the world of project management, touching on challenges, future trends, and the evolving role of project managers. Tune in to Kendall Lott’s podcast to improve your project management skills to the next level.

Want to Start a Project Management Podcast?

Starting a project management podcast can be an exciting endeavor, but it takes more than just hitting the record button to make it a success. To build a solid following, consistency is key. Make it a habit to publish episodes on a regular basis, such as once a week, which allows ample time to prepare and ensures your listeners know when to expect new content. Over time, your engaging content will help you grow your listener base and establish a strong audience.

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s best to get started early. By launching your podcast before others in your industry do, you’ll have more time to build a following and establish your brand as an authority in the field. When your competitors finally catch up, you’ll already have a loyal following and a head start on achieving your goals. With consistency and a commitment to providing value, your project management podcast can become a valuable resource for your audience and a powerful tool for your business.

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