Unbounce vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Clickfunnels

Best landing page builder- Top 4 compared

Landing Pages have only been around since the early 2010s. Yet, they have become a must-have for all online businesses. If you want to turn your website visitors into customers, a landing page is mandatory. Today, we settle the debate on the Best landing page builder.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are not the same as the home page of a website. They are rather a standalone webpage that a person opens or “lands on” after they click on a link through emails, ads, or other online locations. 

It is designed to grab a visitor’s or user’s attention. There on, it presents the visitors with a product or a service. The last step is to get the visitors to take the desired action. It doesn’t have multiple navigation menus like a website’s homepage. Rather it focuses on a single message or a goal. 

Landing pages can be of multiple types. Some of those types are Lead capture landing page, Sales landing pages, Click-through landing pages, Infomercial landing pages, etc. Depending on your goal, you can choose the best kind of landing page for your business. Let’s get to the right tool, but which one? Unbounce vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Clickfunnels

A typical example of a Landing Page – is Hubspot.com 


Advantages of a landing page

Build a landing page

Now, if this seems appealing to you for your business. You must be wondering how to get a landing page for your website. Fret not, it does not need writing long pages of code. There are many tools/websites available on the internet that let you design your landing page without any programming knowledge. 

Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, and Clickfunnels are amongst the most popular websites used to make landing pages. Today we are here to tell you which one of these is the best landing page building website for your business.

Let’s get straight to the best landing page builder debate.


best landing page builder

Unbounce is the original landing page builder. It will give you the power to customize the entire landing page. Its simple to use and works on a drag-and-drop system. Anything to be added, like images, text, video, etc. can be simply dropped onto your page. 

The key features of Unbounce 

  • It is a drag-and-drop builder. 
  • Allows call-to-action buttons, images, videos, text, etc. to be added. 
  • Allows A/B testing for the web pages. 
  • It can be easily integrated with Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zapier, etc., and allows page analytics. 
  • Allows the pop-up windows to be added and has templates for pop-ups to choose from. 
  • Google Analytics integration is available. 

Pros of Unbounce

  • Edit anything on the landing page with a single click. 
  • A/B testing is automatic and inbuilt. 
  • Integration for analytics is easy. 
  • Text replacement feature that immediately replaces your keywords with the ones the customers have searched for. 
  • Landing pages and pop-ups can be easily integrated with WordPress, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc. 
  • More than 100 templates are available. 
  • Price is affordable, with a basic plan starting at $80/month, and has all the features including A/B testing, pop-ups, etc. 

Cons of Unbounce

  • While the desktop version of the landing page is easy to make, the mobile versions can be time-consuming. 


The plans start at $80/month including the hosting charges for the landing pages and pop-ups as well. The plans on Unbounce are as follows:-

  • $80/month – Essential Plan
  • $120/month – Optimize Plan
  • $200/month – Accelerate Plan
  • $300/month – Scale Plan


Unbounce is probably one of the best landing page-making platforms that are available in the market. It is best suited for digital marketing platforms and entrepreneurs running their businesses on a budget. Although, the interface can be tough to use at first. There are many tutorials and guides available to help you along in your process. This concludes the explanation of the first tool from the Unbounce vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Clickfunnels debate.


best landing page builder-leadpages

Leadpages is perfectly suited for anyone not interested in learning the back-end coding for their websites. It is a cloud-based platform that offers easy hosting and designing for landing pages. 

Leadpages come in two different customizations. The first one is for Beginners and offers basic tools for creating landing pages. The second is for Advanced users and gives them complete control over the design of their landing page. 

The key features of Leadpages

  • It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Allows integrating lead forms, call-to-action buttons, images, videos, etc. 
  • Automatic inbuilt A/B testing is available. 
  • Inbuilt page analytics and seamless integration with Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce, WordPress, etc. 
  • Allows the user to create pop-ups easily. 

Pros of Leadpages

  • Easy to use for novices as well as advanced level users. 
  • Inbuilt analytics and A/B testing facilities. 
  • Ability to create pop-ups seamlessly. 
  • A wide array of call-to-action options is available.
  • 200+ landing page templates. 
  • Economical with plans starting at $27/month. 
  • Allows the user to build several landing pages at once. 
  • Comes with a widget that allows for a countdown timer to be added to your landing page. 
  • Great for capturing email leads, event promotion, selling products, etc.

Cons of Leadpages

  • The interface of the Leadpages editor is old-fashioned and can be difficult to get around.  
  • It is not easy to publish landing pages made on Leadpages to your website. 
  • The autosave feature is not reliable. 


Leadpages is one of the cheapest options available for creating landing pages with plans starting from $27/month. The plans are as follows:-

  • $27/month – Standard
  • $39/month – Pro
  • $239/month – Advanced


Although the Leadpages editor can be not so easy on the eyes. It is one of the best landing page creators available for an economical price. It is best suited for budding and upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs. The widgets offered more than makeup for the orthodox editor. And pricing like this can revolutionize your business at negligible cost. The best landing page builder debate continues.

Meanwhile, as you are learning about the landing page tools, it is very important to learn about SEO to make your landing pages even better and SEO with Google – The Ultimate Guide To Rank High is the best place to start.


Unbounce vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Clickfunnels. 

Instapage is one of the most widely used landing page creators. This is because it is very simple to use and the process of creating is as smooth as butter. Anyone with zero knowledge of how website designing works can make a landing page on Instapage. 

One of the most unique qualities of Instapage is the ability to track visitors’ behavior. It allows you to see which parts of the page the visitors spent the most time on, how far the visitors scrolled, where they clicked, etc. 

Moreover, the plans have two options, one is the standard plan. While the most popular plan lets you decide on features you want to pay for and design your plan accordingly. 

The key features of Instapage

  • The ability to track visitor behavior on the landing page. 
  • Inbuilt A/B analytics. 
  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, etc. 
  • Allows easy integration for lead capture through Mailchimp, Zapier, Hubspot, GetResponse, etc. 
  • For PPC campaigns it allows dynamic keywords to be inserted. 
  • It has more than 200+ templates that fit all businesses. 

Pros of Instapage

  • Tracking visitor behavior is a unique feature.
  • Inbuilt A/B analytics, seamless integration of Google Analytics, etc. 
  • Capturing leads becomes very easy with seamless integration with a host of options such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc. 
  • The easy-to-use and appealing user interface. 
  • Dynamic keyword insertion. 
  • Allows for a lot of customization to be done by the users. 

Cons of Instapage

  • Difficult to change the layout of the landing page from desktop to mobile version. 
  • The standard plan is a bit expensive at $199/month. 
  • Customer support can be a bit troublesome. 
  • The undo button is not efficient at times.


Instapage is one of the expensive options to design your landing page. There are only two options available. The Building plan starts at $199/month. The Converting plan lets the user choose what features they want to pay for. This can be difficult for users who are not well versed or sure of what they want. 

  • $199/month – Building.
  • Converting – lets the user decide what they pay for. 


Instapage is perfectly suited for individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs that know what they want from their landing pages. The plans are on the expensive side, although they are worth it due to the features that are available for the right users. It is the best landing page maker for big businesses and enterprises with a big budget. One contender still needs to be discussed from the best landing page builder debate- Unbounce vs Leadpages vs Instapage vs Clickfunnels.



ClickFunnels is different from the other landing page builders on this list. It not only allows landing pages to be built but also makes sales funnels. ClickFunnels requires its users to create multiple landing pages that visitors have to go through to reach the goals. These multiple landing pages are each called a Funnel. 

There are different templates available for each funnel, thus making it easy to build the landing page. All the sections in a template are customizable to suit your needs. ClickFunnels has great tutorial videos and content to guide its new users. 

The key features of ClickFunnels

  • ClickFunnels has an inbuilt affiliate program that you can use to promote your product.
  • Ability to build funnel pages to guide the visitors. 
  • Inbuilt A/B testing for each funnel.
  • Easy integration of email marketing campaigns like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc. 
  • Integration of various payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. 
  • Inbuilt analytics for the funnels and campaigns. 

Pros of ClickFunnels

  • Best for creating online marketing funnels.
  • Different domains can be channelized into one. 
  • Seamless third-party integration.
  • Built-in affiliate program for promoting your links. 
  • The funnels are completely customizable. 

Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Requires good knowledge of digital marketing. 
  • The price is a bit high for many users and businesses that don’t sell their products at premium prices. 
  • Not suitable for landing pages for webinars, etc. 
  • It is not the ideal landing page builder for SEO-based content. 
  • Only suited for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, etc. selling a product or a service. 


The pricing is a bit on the higher side with the standard plan at $97/month. This plan has its limitations such as it only allows 20 funnels to be built. And the number of pages that can be built is only 100. This might necessitate most users to upgrade. 

  • $97/month – Standard plan.
  • $297/month – Platinum plan. 


ClickFunnels can be a great asset for anyone trying to convert visitors into sales. The price is higher than the other options available in the market. It is the best-suited tool for businesses or entrepreneurs selling premium products and services.


The best landing page builder: Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, and ClickFunnels have features that fit everyone’s needs. They serve the same purpose of letting you create a landing page easily. Different businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. can decide which of these suits them the best depending on factors such as:-

  • If budget is the first consideration, Unbounce and Instapages are the perfect fit. 
  • ClickFunnels is the perfect fit for digital marketers, and those intending to make premium sales. 
  • For PPC marketers, it can’t get easier to make a landing page using Instapage or Unbounce. 
  • For small businesses, or those running on a budget, Leadpages is the perfect tool. 

In conclusion, it is upon you to decide which of these, Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, or ClickFunnels suits you the best. It is all a matter of budget, familiarity, type of business, service, the aim of the landing page, etc.

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