AI is Revolutionizing Content Marketing

How AI is Revolutionizing Content Marketing Positively

Are you wondering how AI is revolutionizing content marketing? First of all, let’s know what AI is. In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the incorporation of human intelligence into machines. In other words, AI machines can mimic the way humans think and solve problems just like humans do.

But since they are machines, their limitations can stretch much farther than humans. With more efficiency, they can carry out many everyday tasks more quickly and simply. So it’s no surprise that content marketing has come a long way ever since we added AI to the equation.

Now, as the days go by, AI is becoming more and more an irreplaceable part of it. It’s hard to imagine a successful business without the involvement of AI tools. The impact of AI is visible in almost every sector of marketing. But its impact on content marketing might as well be revolutionary. In this article, we will look into how AI is revolutionizing content marketing.

How is AI making a revolutionary change in content marketing?

First of all, what is content marketing? It is one of the many types of marketing systems. In this system, businesses create and share content relevant to their products, services, and goals. These contents can be blogs, photos, videos, and social media posts.

There is no explicit advertisement of the brand in these contents. Rather the purpose is to get a website visitor interested in the products or services they offer. This is one of the most effective and widely used methods of marketing.

In the current world, the amount of data is overwhelming. Amidst this complex and huge mesh of content overload, machine learning algorithms are playing hero. These algorithms are helping marketers make sense of the data and utilize them in the right way. Hence they can provide better customer experiences.

This is happening in many different ways. For example, the generation of content is now possible in record time. Marketers are able to keep track of the ever-changing rules of content marketing. Predictive analysis of customer behavior is allowing customers to find personalized content.

Moreover, content creation and curation are taking on new heights. And many more. So if we are talking about how AI is revolutionizing content marketing, we have to do a deeper dive into the individual ways this is happening. Let’s see.

The role of AI in the analysis of data

There is no alternative to customer analysis in content marketing. Everyone who stumbles into your content is a potential lead. You want them to convert into a customer someday. In that case, you have to make sure they have the best user experience. And you can’t do that unless you study their intent.

You have to know what your customers are looking for and have to map their journey and see where they’re facing friction. Understanding their complaints and their satisfaction levels is also important. You have to know what pulled them in and turned them away. Only then will you be able to increase the conversion rates.

Analyzing customer behavior means going through huge amounts of data first. That is not only time-consuming but also a very difficult and monotonous task. This is where AI tools can come into the picture and save the day. AI computers can process large data. Then they can use their machine learning algorithms to provide an accurate analysis chart. And it would only take them a fraction of time to do so.

How AI is revolutionizing content marketing through automatic content generation

How is AI making a revolutionary change in content marketing?

Content generation is the first step of content marketing. If we’re talking about how AI is revolutionizing content marketing, we can’t leave its role in its generation. This might come off as a surprise to you, but there’s a good chance that you have read a whole article written by an AI without even realizing it.

That’s right. AI can research and analyze information from the web and generate content on its own. It can analyze Google trends and generate content ideas according to those trends. Not only that, but it can also perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By recommending SEO strategies, it can generate more relevant and valuable content. A more detailed discussion on it is in the next point.

This is no doubt a blessing for content marketers. Content generation isn’t the only part of content marketing. But it’s definitely a time-consuming part. It’s hard to have a continual flow of content ideas and blog topics. Generating those contents is another headache.

But not when you have AI tools that can do it for you. Associated Press, Yahoo, and Fox are some of the companies using AI-automated content generation for a while now. In the year 2017, 850 news articles of the Washington Post came into being through AI.

However, AI has its own limitations in this case. It can only generate simple articles on simple topics. The writing might not be bland, but it will certainly lack the more connecting way a human talks. That is why AI-generated articles will work the best only for news-related topics. This can be stock updates and sports news. The broader part of content generation is still dependent on humans. But who knows, even that might change in the near future!

The role of AI in content curation

Every business has a target market. One can spend hours and hours creating the most revolutionary content. But if the content doesn’t manage to reach the target market, then it’s as good as useless. That’s why content curation is as necessary as a content generation. This brings us to our next point of how AI is revolutionizing content marketing.

Content curation is to find, organize, and share high-quality content relevant to your target market. It’s harder than it sounds because it involves sifting through thousands of contents. You not only have to find relevant topics, but you will also have to make sure they reach your audience. Moreover, you have to make sure it’s engaging. But AI can help.

AI can assist you in creating relevant content for your audience at every marketing funnel stage. There are AI tools like Hubspot Content Strategy and BuzzSumo. Through these, you can research trending topics related to your business. Identifying relevant topics might look easy at first. But you will soon run out of topics to create content on. By having AI tools, you will get all the required topics to write blogs on.

And that’s not all. There are AI tools like Crayon to help you monitor your competitors’ websites. You can see the kind of content they are publishing and what they are filling those contents with. As a result, you can find the gaps in your own content. Then you can figure out how to fill those gaps and make better content than them. There’s always room for improvement, and AI will guide you to that room.

Furthermore, you can collect data about your target audience through the algorithm. You will get to know what they’re looking for and the kind of questions they might have. This will help you curate and create content that will meet their demands. You can efficiently do all these hard jobs through AI.

As a result, the engagement will boost. This will ultimately lead to higher lead conversion rates. So you can imagine how beneficial these AI tools can be if you add them to your content marketing strategy. But there’s a lot more on how AI is revolutionizing content marketing, specifically content curation.

How AI is revolutionizing content marketing through Search Engine Optimization

How AI is revolutionizing content marketing through Search Engine Optimization

For making sure your content reaches people, Search Engine Optimization is the best way. Every day, thousands and thousands of content on the same topic is being published. You can spend hours publishing your own content. But if it ranks low on the search engine results, it’s of no use. Few people scroll that far down below. So you want to make sure your content ranks high enough in the search results. Only then will more people stumble across it.

This is what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about. The more you optimize your content according to the search engine, the more the search engine will favor you. Content marketing has a complete dependency on search engine rankings. You will need the help of Google’s artificial intelligence system called RankBrain for that.

An important strategy of SEO is keywords. Keywords are the words people are most likely to type on the search bar. So if your blog is having the right keywords, it is more likely to come up high in the search results. But it is not just any keywords, of course. For that, you need the right and relevant keywords for your topic.

Every topic has some keywords that come up in the searches most often. Those are your target keywords or key phrases. The more relevant keywords you have, the better success you will have. But the problem is that every topic can have hundreds of keywords. Finding all those important keywords by yourself can be a difficult task. You will have to sift through all the existing content on the topic. Then you’ll have to locate which words are coming up the most.

This is another thing AI can help you with. AI can use natural language processing and machine learning to do these tasks efficiently. It can filter keywords and locate the keywords that are most relevant to your SEO goals. AI can also ensure that the keywords have been used properly in your content before you decide to share it. So another way how AI is revolutionizing content marketing is by increasing SEO success.

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How AI is revolutionizing content marketing through customized news content feeds

Thanks to the advancement of technology, customers can find a news feed filled with content they are more likely to interact with. This is because marketers are able to study what users are interested in. The data they collect can generate news articles and other content and present it to the users interested in it.

A lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are using it. By analyzing hundreds of variables, they can accurately predict which posts a user will interact with and which post a user will scroll past. As a result, marketers will only try to generate posts that align with what users are searching for. Through this, they will make their products and services known to the right people.

A good example is Facebook. They ask you to select topics you are interested in after you make your account. While you’re using the account, you will interact with certain posts on certain topics. Through AI technology, Facebook keeps track of these. Then, they customize your news feed according to the kind of content you interacted with. You will rarely ever come across something that doesn’t interest you. That’s how accurate AI predictions are!

This whole thing is happening through a process called Predictive Intelligence. This is another factor of how AI is revolutionizing content marketing. Companies are able to understand the needs and wishes of individual customers. Then they are able to predict their behavior and supply personalized content accordingly.

Predictive Intelligence also helps marketers understand where a customer is in their buyer journey. It does that through a point system called predictive lead scoring. Through this system, they can make the sales process faster by targeting the customers who are most likely to convert.

As a result, marketers can learn which content to target which customers by analyzing the customer’s past behaviors. And on the other hand, customers will be able to find the kind of content they are interested in. This is yet another way lead conversion rates are increasing with the help of AI tools.

And this is how AI is revolutionizing content marketing. Every day, technology is advancing little by little. More and more AI tools are coming into being. For the marketing industry, these tools can be a game-changer. Now “AI is the future of marketing” is no longer a prediction or an opinion. It’s a fact laid out in plain sight.

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