Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

Affiliate Marketing On Amazon – How to Make Money

The world is evolving. And it is evolving fast. So are the ways of doing business. The concept of a global village does not stem only from the fact that people can communicate with others worldwide with a few clicks, it also signifies the fact that more & more businesses going online is becoming a commonality. Now imagine an online business that does not need any initial capital or any inventory of goods. You can have it done from anywhere in the world and still earn huge profits all the time. Seems unreal, no? Well, that is what affiliate marketing on Amazon is all about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing on Amazon?

The ongoing pandemic situation has affected offline businesses more than ever before. In these troubled times, the importance and value of Amazon affiliate marketing have increased many folds. The program, known as Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program. It is free to use and enables you to market, promote and sell any product from Amazon. In return, you get a 1% to 10% commission (depending upon the category) on any sales that you generate through Amazon.

How does Affiliate Marketing on Amazon work?

Amazon has link-building tools that make it pretty easy for you to get your affiliate marketing on Amazon started. All you need is a blog or a specific niche site, a YouTube channel, or an account on any social media platform with a decent number of followers & visitors. You can then promote the products related to your blog topics, niches, or YouTube channel to your audience and get paid when they buy those products.

Let me give you an example. When you search a list of top vacuum cleaners on Google, you may come across any website comparing 10 of the best vacuum cleaners. As you browse through that list, you may find some vacuum cleaners hyperlinked to the Amazon website. When you click on any of those links, you will be routed to the Amazon website listing. If you buy any vacuum cleaner using the link from Amazon, the website that compared them all will earn a specific commission.

You can even confirm that by checking that Amazon webpage link. That link will always include a referral. Affiliate marketing on Amazon also requires that a website or a person on social media discloses that they may earn a commission with every sale.

Let me tell you another fun fact here. You will still earn a commission even if the user purchases a different product than you may have promoted on your page or video. That’s as long as they go to the Amazon page to buy using your page’s link.

What Is Required For Affiliate Marketing on Amazon?

Amazon’s affiliate marketing is pretty extensive. It helps bloggers, content creators, publishers, or social media personalities to earn.  They can turn their traffic into money and earn through a different income stream. Affiliate marketing is a kind of referral. Amazon pays you a small referral amount when somebody makes a purchase using your affiliate marketing link every time.

To generate sales and traffic to Amazon from your page, you need to have visitors, viewers, or an audience. And where would you get the audience from? From blogs & niche websites to YouTube, or social media accounts. You will have to create content for people to read or listen to convince them to go to the Amazon page for purchase using your link. The type of content may differ depending upon the type of medium you are using to promote the products. You may try to create product reviews, overviews, comparisons of products, and how-to guides.

If you are on social media or YouTube, you can upload videos of product reviews & comparisons. To establish authority over a specific niche, you should target a specific topic. The topic you choose should be of interest to the people to attract more audience. That will increase the chances of earning more through affiliate marketing on Amazon.

Setting Up Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

Setting Up Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

Let’s get to know how you can efficiently set up the affiliate marketing program to earn from referrals on Amazon. You will need to create different content on the niche you have chosen to refer your audience to Amazon successfully.

1.    Choosing The Specific Niche

A good business always targets an area of low competition and high interest. For you, the best combination would be an overlap of both these things. You have to find the sweet spot of high interest and low competition. That would be ideal for you.

But sometimes, there is nothing wrong with selecting a low to average high competition niche. But you may have to focus on creating better content than your competitors in that case to attract more audience. Focusing on standard competition niches that have a higher interest also ensures that the market of such products has already been established and validated. That’s the first step of affiliate marketing on Amazon.

2.    Determine The Products You Want To Promote

Once you have selected the niche with low competition and without overwhelming competition, you have to create or choose a specific platform to promote and market your content or products to send your audience to Amazon. Always try to choose the niche or products that are almost a basic necessity in life and not something that people may often be double-minded to buy. Your marketing method should be worthy and convincing enough to make the people go for the products you are promoting.

Ok, so now that we have our niche and the platform where we want to create content, let’s get into finding the right product for you to promote for affiliate marketing on Amazon. Always keep the following points in mind:

3.    Sales Volume

Check out the sales volume of the products. Try to go for the bestselling ones that are top-rated on Amazon. The listing will give you a good idea about how a product is selling. The top-rated products will have more sales than the lower ones on the list.

4.    Price Range

You should always choose a product that is in an affordable price range for everyone. In the beginning, try choosing a product that is in the range of $40 to about $200. Such products may generate more sales and, as a result, more income for you from affiliate marketing.

5.    Branding & Quality

During product hunting, you can come across several similar products within the same price range you are looking to promote. In such situations, try going for the product that is trusted more by the people. Ensure that you are not ignoring the popularity and brand value of the products you choose to market on Amazon.

For this purpose, you can even use a few software to check the products most people are searching for.

Set Up Amazon Affiliate Account

After finding the relevant product(s), you need to create an Amazon Affiliate account and then create an affiliate link using the details for affiliate marketing on Amazon. Let’s get to know about how to create them:

  1. Go to the link and sign up to create a new account.
  2. Provide your account information and details that include your name and address
  3. Enter all the information about your website or YouTube channel, or social media platform where you are going to promote the product.
  4. In the next step, you will have to enter the general details about the list of websites/links that you will be using and the topics/niches of your website, channel, or social media account.
  5. Add your payment details to your tax information. Adding these details will complete your account setup.
  6. Set up your affiliate link now by signing in to your dashboard and going to the option of “Product Links.”
  7. Search the keywords of the types of products that you want to promote. Select the product that you have chosen.
  8. Now click on the get link and choose whichever type of link that you want to use. Amazon provides you with the option of text and image links, image only, or text-only links. Text-only links can be standard links, simple HTML, or even shortened links.
  9. Use that link on whichever platform you are using to promote the product.

Just make sure that you are creating your affiliate link carefully. It is crucial because it will earn you a commission if the viewers or audience decide to purchase the product. If they don’t use your link, or the link is broken, you will lose the opportunity to get paid for the product.

Attract People & Market Your Product

Attract People & Market Your Product

Now the next step is the promotion. You have already worked on identifying your niche and hunting for the perfect product for you to promote. How exactly would you do the promotions for affiliate marketing on Amazon? You will do it through your content.

Let’s consider the example of blogging here and see what you need to take care of for making your content exciting and attract more people.

     I.        Set a Target to Rank Higher

The actual and tedious work starts after you have found your niche. That is to get your content to rank on Google. That is your ultimate goal. Do you want to rank it as high as possible for the keywords that you are targeting? You have to work for it. Creating a content-rich site is the best way to do it.

The better and more informational your content is, the higher it will rank on Google with proper SEO techniques. The quality of the content and the high value of the product reviews/comparisons are of paramount importance in making people use the affiliate links on your site to purchase from Amazon. That’s the core of affiliate marketing on Amazon.

To rank on Google, you may want to focus on the points that I’ll mention here:

    II.        Word Count

Word count does matter in how Google ranks a page’s content. So it’s better that you go with a word count of 1800-2500 for your main articles and about 1200-1500 for the supporting articles regarding your niche and topic.

   III.        Publishing Timeframe

It would be best if you tried to publish 35 to 40 articles as soon as you can. Google indexes such content quicker than other pages and tries to assert its authority faster by crawling all of your content pages (if they are linked).

   IV.        Applying SEO Techniques

Always be moderate and precise in applying SEO techniques. Don’t try to stuff the keywords or over-optimize the content. Google will always know about such endeavors and may even penalize your content by de-ranking your content.

Link building is of profound importance. Try to have other websites link to your content pages. It asserts authority and increases the overall rankings of your page.

Go to the “SEO with Google” to learn more about SEO techniques and how Google ranks web pages.

What To Focus On In Affiliate Marketing On Amazon

Marketing is the crux of affiliate marketing on Amazon. Make sure that you are continuously honing the digital marketing skills that will help you gain more traffic from Google. As a result, that will make more people buy from Amazon using your affiliate link.

You can also keep updating your content to stay relevant with time. Keep an eye on the number of sales that your product is generating. Replace the product with a better one if you see that the new one has more sales volume than you were promoting and is more suited to your content.


That’s how you start your business with affiliate marketing on Amazon and earn more without actually owning the product. Amazon helps you earn at a low cost and requires less effort than running a proper full-fledged business. Just ensure that you have found the perfect niche and a good product. Leave the rest to your quality content to get the people to earn you the extra money through commissions.

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