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How will the world get to know you?

I am Harsimran Kaur, an Immigration consultant with Busy Bee Canada immigration services, my firm with offices in Barrie & Nova Scotia. I aim to help immigrants settle in and make Canada their home.

Can you tell us how BBC Immigration was born?

Well, Moving to Canada a decade ago was the best decision of my life. Canada is a beautiful country and offers immense warmth to its immigrant population but the immigration process can be daunting. I struggled to find a reliable consultant/lawyer to represent my case back then, that’s when I decided to earn a government-authorized license to be able to provide future immigration seekers genuine legal aid & assistance. I wanted to be invested in my client’s personal journey & aspirations, to guide & nurture a relationship that was beyond paperwork, and BBC Immigration Services took birth.

In what ways do you work on your growth, professionally and personally?

The best way to learn is through experience. And if you happen to have an experienced mentor, then that makes your life-enriching in more ways than one. I was lucky to have a mentor early in my career, even before I got the RCIC license that helped me ease into the consulting universe with a solid base under my feet. Although it came at a price, of endless hours of phone calls, paperwork, excel sheets, skipped food, and sleepless nights.

I wake up at dawn to pray and offer my gratitude to the universe for this life before starting my day. In the evenings, you will find ear pods plugged into my ears listening to podcasts while brisk walking after dinner. Exercise routines keep me physically energized while mentally relaxed. So when I hit the bed, I map the next day’s plan of action to strategize and increase productivity by manifesting it in my sleep too.

What makes you different from other consultants?

Facing separation from love is hard, be it a person, family, business, or your home country. Leaving our birthplace for good can be saddening for most as it was for me. Every individual who comes to me has a unique life story and career aspiration. Listening with an empathetic ear and finding the best available option in terms of work & home for each one takes patience, perseverance, and nuance, which is my USP. After the processes are done, hearing the relief and happiness in the client’s voice makes it worth the effort. The peace of goodwill earned is always more than the money earned. The smiling faces are my reward & I do my best to maintain long-term relationships with my clients, I am quite an old school like that.

What are the challenges you have faced so far?

The last two years of the pandemic have shut the world, bringing immigration work to a standstill. But at the same time, it brought a sense of urgency to find meaning in life for many people. People now stepping back & figuring out life has resulted in a lot of inquiries from all over the world who want to settle in Canada because of its immigrant-friendly policies, education, health care & welcoming people.

Any learnings?

We are a world built on connections so every relationship is important and needs respect and trust. I work with my fellow consultants to expand my areas of expertise. I have learned that being open to all kinds of employers and employees helps you explore new markets. Every inquiry is important to treat people how you want to be treated when in need.

How can people find and follow you?

You can connect with me through my website, If you have any queries regarding immigration, you can also reach out to me on my Instagram account @bbcimmigration.

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